Saturday, October 25, 2014

Night Goat

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
October 21, 2014

It's an interesting time (again) to be a Melvins fan.  Earlier this year Buzz embarked on a solo trek that was an epiphany for this longtime fan.  Now the band (aka Dale and Buzz), who are the masters of fucking with expectations and completely fluid at reinventing themselves, have joined forces with Pinkus and Leary of the Butthole Surfers for a new album.  Inspired!  Old School!  Not only that but the current Melvins tour has them back onstage as a power trio with Dale and Buzz being joined by Pinkus on bass.  I've been following the Melvins for almost 25 years now and they're the only band who I completely accept whatever they're doing and enjoy it.  I do this without any grain of salt or any rationalizing; they are the only band I don't nitpick about... and I can't say that about any of my other favorite bands. 

Backstage prior to their set I had a sportsmanlike conversation with hardcore Dodgers fan Dale about baseball.  It's cute how 2014 Dodgers fans clutch to the straws about how they won the Western Division... but, I must remind them, it's the Giants who stabbed and slashed their way into the World Series... to which they counter that the Giants are merely a "Wild Card" team... to which I say they don't fully understand 21st Century baseball since getting to the World Series meant the Giants had to win cage match-style games when they counted in THREE do-or-die confrontations with THREE of the leagues other best teams... including the Nationals who had the best regular season record in the MLB and the Cardinals who pretty much humiliated the Dodgers in the NLDS.  What?  Oh right... I guess I should go back to ranting about the Rock Show and not Jocks.  Sorry..  

"SOLD OUT!" said the sign at Will Call and it warmed my heart that the Melvins can still pull in a full but diverse house of followers.  However, it was kind of interesting that the front row tonight was noticeably female dominated.  Discuss amongst yourselves...  As I watched from stage left I could feel the collective heat and humidity coming off of the sold out room combined with the Great American's unfortunate ventilation system.  To paraphrase from that great Southern Rock live album, it felt "hotter than a box in a forest fire".  My first thought early in the set was that it was great to see the Melvins performing as a volume-riffic power trio again.  My second thought was that I was glad the waitress working the room was obviously a Melvins fan.  She took advantage of her workplace efficiently and stopped to watch the band at stage left while making her floor rounds... so I was able to place a beer order with her and not have to go to the other side of the room to the bar.  Hope I die before I get old.

 [Photos courtesy of Photo Ray]

Pinkus on the 4-string brought a funky rocking swing to the bottom end that the band really hasn't had live before.  A cover of the vintage Butthole Surfers song 'Moving To Florida' was a nice nod to Mr. Pinkus and the set also included 2 songs from the new album featuring the Buttholes as well.  Tonight's sonic hammer lasted around 14-songs I believe with the most ancient tune being 'Your Blessened'.  If you must know, my fave song of the evening was the vintage classic 'Night Goat'!  It was the perfect song to feature Pinkus on the 4-string.  If you're a Melvins fan.. you know what I'm talking about.  It also still fascinates me that 'The Bit' is basically the Melvins signature song here in the 21st Century; I guess they can thank Mastodon for that?

There was too much merch and I didn't do a merch audit, but I did score the new 'Night Goat' 7" reissue from AmRep with new badass screen printed art.  On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called me a fag.  The Melvins are one of those bands that, as much as I love them, it's hard for me to feel like I have anything "new" left to say about them that I haven't ranted about already.  Seeing a band almost 50 times (according to the Umlaut Archives) will do that I guess... or probably I'm just getting lazy.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Humm Baby

I've been a Giants fan since I was 5.  I've been going to games semi-regularly to religiously for 30 years.  Tonight was the most amazing greatest game I've ever witnessed in person.

I lost count of how many times I said "Holy. Shit." out loud after Morse's HR in the 8th to tie and then after Ishikawa's walk off HR in the bottom of the 9th.  It was the first time the Giants have been sent to the World Series on a walk off HR since Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round The World" in 1951. 




Tonight was made even more special because I was also at the September 13th game when the Giants lost 17-0 to the fucking Dodgers; I stayed until the final out with a couple of good friends and beers.  It was the worst home loss in the 131-year history of the Giants.

Yes, I'm afraid at this moment in my life I love baseball more than Metal.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Acid Hype

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Slim's, San Francisco
October 10, 2014

Appropriately, San Francisco was show number 13 of Uncle Acid's 15 show debut U.S. Tour and the anticipation on the Interwebs and in the streets was thick enough to cut with a dull knife.  Quite possibly the most hyped debut trek by a new band since Ghost 2 years ago, right?  To support that notion, this show was sold out a solid month in advance and assholes were asking $100 or more for tickets on Craigslist, etc.

I completely missed Danava because English Bob, Photo Ray, Naked Rob, and Rafa of Black Cobra redirected me from standing in the long Will Call line to across the street for a beer.  Long story short, it was a good hang but it degenerated into a ethical debate with the bar's "DJ" over the fact he calls himself a "DJ" but he was playing all of his music off a MacBook AND had 2 turntables set up only as PROPS.  What. The. Fuck.  Anyway, I walked away and back across the street to Slim's just as this debate heated up.  In hindsight of course I'm bummed I missed Danava.. but oh well.

Just as the clock struck 10:30pm the latest Rock Godz from England walked onto a San Francisco stage for the first time... and the lads lurched into 'Mt. Abraxis' and 'Mind Crawler' from their new album and... much to my surprise... the world did not explode and the time space continuum remained intact.  In fact, reality and perception did not shift for me during Uncle Acid's entire set.  The hype blew into my face and evaporated like so much fog.  Also, the drummer was wearing a Grateful Dead shirt.. which I assumed was a nod to playing in San Francisco... but it wasn't Metal.  Although Umlaut understands because I saw a dozen Dead concerts.  Does that blow my Metal cred?  Oh well...

Shitty iPhone Pic courtesy of Umlaut's iPhone

I'm a big fan of Uncle Acid from their albums but seeing them for the first time in the flesh left me... underwhelmed.  Being in the same room as them didn't open my mind to a new way.  Don't misunderstand me, the band played well given that they've been on the road for the past month in the States.. However, there was no TONE in their sound at all and it was all very clean.  Maybe it was because they were playing on rented equipment for the tour that wasn't dialed into their specs?  I don't know... but it wasn't just me who was brushing the hype dust off their sleeves.  Several people literally said to me during their set "They sound exactly like the album!"  Which, on one hand, is a good thing, because they did sound and perform well... but on the other hand it left me asking the age old question "Why should I see this band live?"   I also watched the show standing with 3/4 of the mighty Orchid and this only heightened my awareness about Uncle Acid's lack of a wall of sound. Anyway, after the show this happened:

When Orchid met Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats for the first time.  A pretty cool moment, man.

For some reason I completely spaced on doing a merch audit tonight, but I was surprised that Uncle Acid did not have more shirt options since they're definitely a "merch" band.  On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called me a fag.  I'm sorry to say I only have one foot on the Uncle Acid bandwagon right now.  Hopefully our paths will cross at another venue in the not too distant future and I'll be convinced to take a seat.  In the meantime, my Sabbath and Pentagram albums are staring at me from their shelf..

Sunday, September 28, 2014

He Who Cannot Be Named

Samhain/ Goatwhore / Kyng
The Warfield, San Francisco
September 20, 2014

Tonight was one of only 6 Samhain "reunion" shows scheduled for this year featuring 3/4 of the original band and the guy from Baroness filling in on guitar.  The week prior to the show I listened to Samhain again for the first time in awhile and I was surprised how Goth they sounded... something I guess I never thought about before.  Am I a poser or what?  Anyway, if only all shows were this easy:

This was the magical All Access wristband for Samhain in San Francisco... and then this happened:

Long story short:  Sitting on a dressing room couch next to Glenn as he told anecdotes about Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig Bay Area shows back in the old days was kinda surreal.  He also rattled off a couple of Cliff Burton and Jaymz Hetfield stories. Say what you will about Danzig, he was really cool and genuine to me.  I was surprised how much he remembered.. The Mabuhay.. The On Broadway.. The Stone..etc. He even mentioned the Mabuhay show later onstage.  Anyway...

I guess I should mention the support bands:  To be honest,  I've not listened to much if anything by Kyng but, because of my face time with the headliner, I only saw a sliver of their set as they played a cover of Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher'.  The Umlaut Archives say that I've seen Goatwhore at least 10x now and if you've seen one of their Satanic sets you've seen them all... which isn't meant to be a negative... but maybe it comes off like it... so maybe it is..  Honesty is my only excuse.   Anyway...

Evidently there was a "no camera" policy in effect at the show but I wasn't aware of it until long after the show was over.  Oooops...

The view from the soundboard

The set was basically the Initium and November Coming Fire albums played in their entirety... which meant 'All Murder, All Guts, All Fun' and 'He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named' got the night's festive energy going early in the set as a result.  One thing that was obvious was how engaged Glenn was performing these songs compared to the most recent Danzig show I saw last year.  Samhain obviously still means alot to him and his demeanor onstage reflected that; he wasn't going through the motions.  

The first half of the show featured Initium with such "hits" as 'Horror Biz' and closing with 'Archangel' featuring Glenn on guitar. The second half of the night focused on November Coming Fire and was actually better.  Original members Steve Zing and London May traded places on bass and drums and it was interesting seeing the different energy each brought to those roles onstage.  London May had more of a swing to his drumming that kicked up the energy a notch more for those songs IMO.

During the set I wondered how many in attendance in the half full venue were there because they knew Samhain songs or because Glenn Danzig was performing.  You have to admit that Samhain is basically Glenn's deep cuts, right?  The night's final song was the Misfits 'Halloween II' which seemed to hit the "Hey! I know this song!" nerve with the majority of the half full venue.  Not that it mattered... I thought it was a solid set and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

It's a shame that Glenn has become the public figure that he is now here in the 21st Century; an easy target for ridicule and jokes.  The Misfits and the first couple of Danzig albums still completely hold up in my book... and Samhain is under appreciated.   Still... It's impossible not to laugh at Henry & Glenn Forever.

THANKS to Wedge for sorting me.  I didn't do a merch audit tonight..  On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called me a fag. All in all not bad for a Saturday night in San Francisco.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Another September 27th.  Still relevant. 

Photo by the teenage me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

City Baby's Revenge

G.B.H. / Verbal Abuse
The Metro Operahouse, Oakland, California
September 14, 2014

This was one of the few shows that could get me out of Casa de Umlaut to drive across The Bay Bridge to down 'n dirty West Oakland on a Sunday night.  The night before I had attended and sat through the entire 9 innings of a historic 17-0 (!?) Giants loss to the fucking Dodgers; it was the worst shut out loss in the Giants 131 year history!!  Awful... The only positive was seeing manager Bruce Bochy handing the ball to his pitcher son in the 6th Inning.  It was the first time a manager father has ever brought his pitcher son into a game in the 145 year history of Major League Baseball!!  That was mind blowing amazing...but the good feeling did not last long as young Bochy quickly gave up a 2 run HR to the fucking Dodgers.  So after that traumatic baseball experience I needed a G.B.H.-style 'Give Me Fire' cleansing.    Anyway... enough about sports.

G.B.H. are one of my all-time favorite bands and they still deliver.  I know there are many who haven't seen them since back in The Day (aka The 80's).  Hear me now and believe me later:  G.B.H. here in the 21st Century are as great as you can expect a 30+ year old band to be.  They're still 3/4 of the original lineup... and the "newest" member is the drummer who has been with the band for almost 20 years now.  Solid. 

As an added bonus on this 17-city North American Tour, the lads from Birmingham opened their set by playing the seminal release Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne front to back.  Yes, it was a Sunday night but it was inspiring to see a nice attendance... but I was surprised that not a lot of G.B.H. fans from the Metal side of the tracks were in attendance this time.  However, there was  a young "Punk" wearing an Accept shirt... but it was a Metal Heart tee.. (cue slapping forehead with palm of hand)..  Uhhh... Ooookaay.  Poser.

Verbal Abuse were a late addition to the bill and a very pleasant surprise.  The addition of these local legends ratcheted the anticipation level up in my head pre-show and I could not remember the last time I had even thought about Verbal Abuse.. but that's my loss because they completely delivered.  Nope, I have not been paying attention, but evidently the band has been playing a few shows recently so if any more pop up the old schoolers reading this should check them out.

At one point in between bands I was chatting with another longtime G.B.H. fan who had not seen them since back in The Day.  I didn't want to come off as too much of a gushing fanboy but what I did say to him was that G.B.H. would make him feel 18 years old again.. and I left it at that... Confident that the band would not make me look like an old fool.

I need not have worried!  I did indeed feel 18-years old again as G.B.H. walked onstage for their triumphant return to The Bay Area after almost a 2 1/2 year break. I was bummed that the people who I saw G.B.H. with in 1985 weren't at the show.. Number of drinks thrown at the stage during the first 1 1/2 songs = 4.  Umlaut can be a very jaded mofo... so I surprised even myself when I instinctively raised my fist in the air to sing along during the double shot of 'City Baby Attacked By Rats' into 'City Baby's Revenge'.    "... Attacked by rats!"..... "Revenge!!"

Shitty iPhone Pic courtesy of Umlaut's iPhone

My fave bullet from the past tonight was 'Drugs Party In 526'... but the set became one of my favorite shows of the year when the band threw in the riff to 'Black Sabbath' as the intro to 'Sick Boy'!  Birmingham Pride in full effect!  It's the little things.. Nice, right?!  On a night like this... with a band like G.B.H. onstage.. the Oakland Metro is the closest thing to Murder In The Front Row Ruthie's Inn that you can experience here in the 21st Century.

If you bought one of every G.B.H. merch item you would have paid around $300 I think.  On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced punks called me a fag.  A great night out... and I went to a G.B.H. show and bought a book instead of a t-shirt:

It's the autobiography of G.B.H. bassist Ross Lomas... and it's a fantastic read!  Click HERE to find out more about it.  The book is funny and entertaining and I had no idea it existed until the show.  I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who bought it ahead of me (Thanks Scott!).  Trivia:  Longtime Metallica sound guy legend Big Mick features prominently in the book.  I had no idea he was an early mate and sound guy for G.B.H.!  Nice, right?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kidz Talking To Kidz

Sometimes time travel does exist. For a brief moment in the mid-80's there was a Metal fanzine based in Napa, California called Crucible.  I had a mutual friend with the editors and contributed to a couple of issues when I found myself between fanzines.   Long story short,  I had completely forgotten about doing the following interview that is touted on the cover as:

"Exclusive - Lars Talks About The Incredible 8 Album Contract With Elektra"
Thanks to my old friend K.J. Doughton for pulling this out of his archives.  So, without further ado, I present this archival gem from a conversation that most likely happened in the Summer of 1984:

The 20 Year Old Me Interviews The 20 Year Old Lars Ulrich 

There are some interesting details about the band's signing with Elektra and Lars' thoughts on the state of the band at that moment.. but a couple of highlights for me are:

"Look for 20 dates or so dates with KISS..." (... it did not happen)

... and the 20-year old me NAILED IT:

"It'll be interesting to see what Metallica is up to five albums down the line. With 8 albums to work with some kind of musical change is inevitable."

"Five albums down the line" ended up being Reload...

Anyway, these 2 pages are a pretty interesting time capsule from a moment in Metallica history when Lars was still living in a rented house in El Cerrito with 3 roommates (one of whom was the legendary Clive The Dog).  It would have been very hard to imagine him attending a non-Metal event such as New York Fashion Week 30 years ago.. but sometimes the Metal (and Fashion) Godz work in mysterious ways, man.  Cue 'Escape' I guess...

"Break away from your common fashion.. See through your blurry sight.."

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Made In Japan

Deep Purple
Mountain Winery, Saratoga, California
August 13, 2014

Yes, I'm behind with updating this space... but sometimes real life interrupts things and you have to take a break.  Hopefully the following show rant won't seem too stale after several weeks.

For the newbies, Saratoga is Silicon Valley 1% territory.  Example:  We were running late and decided to get something to eat in downtown Saratoga before heading up the hill to the winery.  After parking I asked a local Saratoga man walking his Saratoga dog if there was a Saratoga burger place where we could get something to eat.  His immediate response, and I am not making this up, was "Burgers aren't really a Saratoga thing..."  HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT!  The Saratoga man then said there might be a burger at a place at the end of the block... but when we checked it out the place literally had a $40 (forty dollar) burger on their menu.  Pass.  Then, almost immediately after this, an SUV of young Saratoga dudes stopped before making a right hand turn.  They noticed my Motörhead t-shirt and the young Saratoga dude in the passenger seat immediately, and I am not making this up, started singing "Motörhead..." to the chorus from the Night Ranger song 'Sister Christian' before they drove away.  Think about it...  I. Am. Not. Making. This. Up..  Sometimes this blog writes itself, man.  A dubious start to the night, right?

Anyway, long story short:  I had vowed never to attend another winery show after my last one a year ago.  However, the Rock Godz work in mysterious ways... and if only all shows were this easy:

I was put off that the intimate venue was only around half full... but as soon as the band started it didn't matter.  Purple opened with 'Highway Star' and for most of their 90 minute set I was entranced.  Ian Gillan had to work hard but he sounded great.. Don Airey is on keys in place of the late Jon Lord (R.I.P.) and he played an old school setup and even threw in a snippet of his 'Mr. Crowley' intro at one point.  Nicely done.  Steve Morse is still the weak link in this lineup but I suppose no one will ever completely fill Ritchie Blackmore's shoes in this band.  His guitar styling simply don't fit the classic Deep Purple sound... However, watching Roger Glover and Ian Paice dig into their rhythm section groove more than made up for any nitpicking. Glover & Paice:  The greatest original rhythm section still going IMO.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

As I said a moment ago, the venue was half full or half empty depending on how you looked at it... and Umlaut had a private rock row the entire night. 

Although I am not a musician, watching Ian Paice play again made me realize how "technique" is not something most post-20th Century drummers have.  Like most drummers of his generation he comes from a Jazz background... something that was lost to anyone born after 1970.  As overplayed as 'Smoke On The Water' is I still love when Paice's hi-hat part kicks in at the beginning.  He's still one of my favorite drummers... and still no drum riser. 

[Shitty pic courtesy of Umlaut's iPhone]

The versions of 'Strange Kind Of Woman' and 'Lazy' were really good tonight but my fave part was 'Woman From Tokyo' into 'Hush' to start the encore.  A crew guy said later that 'Woman From Tokyo' hadn't been in the setlist on this tour... which was special... and I was reminded how the song's drum intro was lifted by Maiden for 'Run To The Hills'.. or maybe it was a "homage".  After the show this happened:

Not Lars Ulrich

Ian Paice... who offered me a German beer.  You can't tell from this pic but my Inner Teenage Metalhead was losing his mind meeting him.  I guess the younger generation feels the same way about Lars... I guess.

Thanks to English Bob for the hook up.  If you bought one of every Deep Purple merch item you would have paid around $300.  On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags.  As good as Purple were on this night in 1% Saratoga, I was reminded how the majority of even "Rock Music Fans" only know the band for that one song with the riff that everyone has learned how to play on guitar... which is sad.  Listen to the Made In Japan album... right now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Slay Team Redux

The exciting and unexpected sequel to Slay Team Comic!

"Nothing can save you now... You've learned a lesson in violence.." 

Early in 1985, at around the time that the Bonded By Blood album was released, a friend of Exodus created the Slay Team comic. The story was inspired by Exodus' legendary hatred of all things poser (Ratt, Motley Crue, etc.). The comic was mainly only seen by the band's local Bay Area fans and its existence was the stuff of myth and legend.

Last year Umlaut posted what everyone believed was the only issue of the Slay Team comic.  The great irony of the Slay Team Comic and its violence was that a female member of the Exodus inner circle, Lizzy Green, was responsible for drawing and creating it.  Yes, the girls raged as hard as the dudes in the original Bay Area Metal Scene!  Bonded by blood!  Death to posers.

However, The Metal Godz work in mysterious ways and in the year since the original Slay Team comic post I miraculously got back in touch with its creator Lizzy!  The Interwebs can be a magical place sometimes.  Anyway, long story short:   Unbeknown to anyone, the teenage Metalhead Lizzy had written and created a SECOND issue of the Slay Team comic that no one else had ever seen!  Somewhere Baloff is smiling.

Now, for the first time ANYWHERE Umlaut is proud to present this long lost issue of Slay Team in its entirety.  Climb into the Umlaut time machine back to those raging days in The Bay Area when larger than life humans like Paul Baloff and Toby Rage walked the Earth.

Fun stuff, right?!  Click HERE to download a .PDF of Slay Team #2 [the file is 2.5MB]. 

There is also a lesson here (besides the one about violence of course):  The lesson is that even though kidz like Lizzy and Umlaut (and MANY others) listened to Metal bands like Exodus (and Slayer.. and Venom.. and Mercyful Fate.. etc. etc.) at young impressionable ages we grew up to be responsible adults who haven't murdered anybody (at least not that I know of..).  Fast forward to 2014:

  [Photo courtesy of Photo Ray]

Pictured here are Slay Team comic artist and creator Lizzy Green (!), Umlaut, and Lisa Holt.  Friends for over 30 years and counting!  A-MA-ZING.

"You won't hear a sound until my knife's in your back... from the Exodus attack.."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Perfect Day

Since my last post was criminally NOT Metal I feel obligated to compensate for it.  I believe this will make up for my transgression:

On this date in 1983: Motörhead played the first of 3 Bay Area shows on the Another Perfect Day Tour. The Keystone Palo Alto on August 11th.. The Keystone Berkeley on the 12th.. and The Stone in San Francisco on the 13th. 

Umlaut was at the Palo Alto and San Francisco shows.  In S.F. my friends dared me to go up to Lemmy at the bar and ask him why the band wasn't playing 'Overkill' on the tour.  Instead of punching me Lemmy said they'd forgotten how to play it... 

 Lemmy at The Stone, San Francisco - August 13, 1983
[Photo by Wayne VanderKuil]

Umlaut friend Teri adds:

"I went to all three shows.  I hung out with the band behind The Keystone Palo Alto for a bit and the only thing I had for them to sign was a Scorpions Lovedrive album that was in my car. I am the proud owner of probably the only Scorpions album in the world signed by Motörhead."


Friday, August 08, 2014

Not Slayer

Beyonce & Jay Z
AT&T Park, San Francisco
August 6, 2014

Sometimes Umlaut finds himself in places where he's completely out of his element.  Anyway, one thing led to another and I found myself at AT&T Park, not for a Giants game, but for the final U.S. show of the On The Run Tour featuring the world's favorite celebrity power couple.  The only other times I've seen shows at this stadium were Green Day and the Rolling Stones / Metallica which were both in 2005.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words... so here are several thousands words about my experience on the run with Beyonce and Jay Z:

"All Access" 



After show escape Escalades

Prior to the show I spent some quality time in Catering with a couple of old school crew friends listening to their war stories about being on the road with AC/DC.  Unfortunately, the only other people in the room were roadies and stage dancers; no sign of the night's stars of course.  I also took advantage of the magic paper All Access wristband and, after 14 years of coming to AT&T Park, I finally saw the stadium's fancy luxury suites that are reserved for important people like Google (who have their own suite).  Interesting.  However, I kept my professional hat on and did not try to scam any free food from a suite.  Regrets.

 The Luxury Suite view of the civilians

What?  Oh right.. THE SHOW.   So I found myself in a seat 27 rows from the stage.  The Royal Couple came onstage and the entire stadium went nuts and I felt completely out of my element.  By the time the dynamic duo were into their 4th song I was down the street at 21st Amendment enjoying excellent food and a good beer.   After this pit stop I made my way back to the stadium, flashed the paper wristband, and watched more of the spectacle.  

 Row 27 pre-show

Row 27 panoramic during show

The sound mix was all bottom end so it should have been no surprise that there were noise complaints all over San Francisco during the shows.  I did not see any band onstage but evidently there was one "somewhere".  Evidently.  Umlaut didn't know one song the entire time he was there... However, at one point while in Row 27 I turned around and watched the rest of the stadium from the floor all the way up to the upper View Reserve seats go bat shit crazy for the Royal Couple.  It was not my scene, man... at all.

If you bought one of every Beyonce merch item you would have paid around $620.  On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called me a fag... which I was since I had just went to see Beyonce and Jay Z.   All in all it was a night of easy adventure into a world that is not mine.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.  SLAAAYEER!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Back To The Future

Kirk Von Hammett's Fear FestEvil After Party
Exodus and Special Guests  
San Diego, California
July 25, 2014

One thing led to another and Umlaut found himself landing in San Diego on a warm Friday morning.  In less than an hour this happened:

Motörhead.. "Professional"..  

If you've never been to San Diego Comi-Con (SDCC) I won't mince words:  It's a massive clusterfuck.   WAY too many people jammed into a facility that is too small; a square peg of 150,000 people trying to fit into a round hole of a convention center.  I have no idea how members of the general public have a good time at this event.  On paper it looks like a mindblowing event.  However, when you're onsite and in the belly of the beast and see the humanity strewn around the center and the surrounding streets it literally looks like the zombie apocalypse. 

Anyway, after attending to some business and watching our favorite Lead Guitarist sign a couple hundred autographs at the Nuclear Blast booth, Photo Ray and I ended up at the fantastic brew pub called Monkey Paw; we ended up there more than once over the weekend. Umlaut cannot recommend the place enough; great beer and food, a nice space, and a great jukebox (Maiden.. Motörhead..etc.).  I wish San Francisco had more places like Monkey Paw.

Then in the early evening on this warm Friday night we found ourselves back in the Gaslight District hanging out in front of a dubious looking club called F6IX with members of Exodus shooting the shit for a bit.  Evidently the club had never hosted a live band before and a proper Lock 'N Loll PA system and extensions to the stage had been brought in.  The show was a Scion sponsored event with free admission to those who submitted an online RSVP.  I was expecting it to be sweat box packed and possibly not having a good time given the fact the space was not normally a live venue.  However, the Metal Godz work in mysterious ways and tonight ended up being amazing on several levels.

After getting something to eat I hung out with some friends at a bar next door and waited for the doors to open.  Upon entering the venue I was pleasantly surprised that (1) it wasn't a dive and (2) the space was comfortably filled with mostly Metal people and not industry types.  Also, luminaries like Kerry King were casually hanging out by the bar and talking with and posing for selfies with random Metal kidz.  Pretty cool.  One thing soon led to another and I found myself behind the VIP curtain at stage left.  I must give a shout out to the security guy who was watching the VIP area because he was cool to me all night.  Thanks, bro!

Exodus Catering

Holt Awaits:  Warming up playing along to 'Seek And Destroy' on the PA

Behind the curtain, the quality hang time sitting on a comfy couch with these old friends was something I hadn't expected.  I've known at least 5 of the people who were there since before any of us could buy alcohol legally.  The Metal Godz work in mysterious ways, man.

Not long after 10:00pm Exodus stomped onto the small stage and began their first North American show with Zetro back in the band on vocals.  The lads wasted no time and immediately opened with 'Bonded By Blood' and my head left my body for a good hour.  I'm sure it's because of all of the events over the past 3 years, but hearing 'Bonded By Blood' and watching Exodus perform it again is as close to a time machine as I think I'll ever experience.  It's very magical and after 'Scar Spangled Banner' they returned to the ancient Ruthie's Inn days with 'And Then There Were None'.  Seeing Exodus in a space that was around the same size as Ruthie's Inn only magnified the Metal.

It was pretty surreal seeing Zetro back with Exodus on a Friday night in San Diego at a Comi-Con event of all places.  No offense to Rob Dukes, but I'd forgotten how important the East Bay vibe was to Exodus and how it's been missing all these years. That 510 attitude and even the way you talk to a crowd. That vibe is back and it was awesome.  

The mid-set blast of 'A Lesson In Violence' and 'Blacklist' was made even better since I was standing next to one of my oldest friends who now happens to be Mrs. Gary Holt.  Full circle...  and then the moment I'd been waiting for happened.  Anticipation was thick in the air and I know many were wondering how the moment would go as Zetro reclaimed the Exodus song that is truly his:  'Toxic Waltz' was as violent as you could hope here in the 21st Century.  Back to the future, man.. Back to the future.  "You used to do The Monkey but now it's not cool!"

The set closed traditionally with 'Strike Of The Beast' and then the encore that followed was one for the ages:  Exodus were joined by Marc Osegueda of Death Angel and the host (KRK) jamming through nice covers of 'Grinder' by Priest... then into 'Low Rider' by War (!).. then into 'Godzilla' by B.O.C... then Rob of Metallica hopped onstage for 'Seek And Destroy'.  Crazy, man. 

 [All live photos courtesy of Photo Ray]
If this had been any other night things would have ended there... but KRK had other plans and the night continued to rage as Exodus left the stage and his Special Guests joined him to keep the party going. Admittedly, the guests seemed like a random collection of band guys, but once they were onstage and plugged in things fired off nicely.  There was Marc of Death Angel, KRK, Gary Holt, Robert Trujillo, the bass player guy from King's X (?), Steve Perkins from Jane's Addiction (?), and Richard Christy from Charred Walls Of The Damned (and of course Death.. and the Howard Stern Show).  It was a very loose set of cover songs that included 'Am I Evil', 'The Real Me' (The Who), 'Diary Of A Madman', 'Trapped Under Ice', and 'Purple Haze'.  However, the most unexpectedly great song from this portion of the night was a version of 'Mountain Song' with Osegueda making everyone forget who Perry Farrell is...  As I told Marc afterwards:  "You sang Diamond Head, The Who, Priest, AND Jane's Addiction tonight?!" to which he replied "Yes I did!"  After the dust had settled on the stage this happened:

Osegueda, Umlaut, KRK
[Photo courtesy of Photo Ray]

I was actually rather giddy from all the old school energy that had just enveloped San Diego.   I had nice post gig chats with Zetro, Trujillo, and KRK and then it was back out into the warm night in search of a late night snack.  Who would have guessed that one of the greatest Bay Area Metal shows in recent memory would happen in San Diego at Comi-Con!? AMAZING..

The next day included a field trip with two of my favorite photographers, a return to the madness of the Comi-Con convention site, and another excellent session at Monkey Paw.   This happened as well:

Evil vs. Good on the Streets of San Diego

I didn't do a Kirk Von Hammet merch audit.  On the way back to the Bay Area, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags.  We will see if I return to Comi-Con any time soon, but Exodus jumping into the DeLorean and going back to the future to get their groove back was better than any Sci-Fi, man.  Also, this was the most Comi-Con moment of the weekend:

My old friend Flipside Ted deciding his drink with D&D dice. The Geeks shall inherit The Earth.  THANKS to Lance Boom and Toby for getting me sorted for the weekend and to Slagel for the drink tickets.

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