Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Great Escape

July 4th Weekend 2004
London, England

A surgically precise Pond Jump. Hopped on a plane. Going Underground... Down in the Tube Station at Midnight. This is the Modern World that I've learned about. Hopped on a plane. Home.

By coincidence, Euro Sports was the specter haunting this expedition. Praise be to the Angel of Duty Free for another successful adventure (Hi Kim!).

European Cup 2004 Final: Portugal vs. Greece. Wandered into one pub and it was too crowded. Wandered into another pub and its t.v. reception was terrible. Wandered into a third pub and it was just right. The Crown & Thorn in Covent Garden was armed with a mighty 42" plasma screen powered by digital / satellite cable. God Save The Queen. Everyone seemed slightly intimidated by the passive aggressive Greek fan who kept saying "Go the Greek!" every couple of minutes with his arms outstretched.

That tennis player Andy Roddick was on the flight outta London (Continental Flight 35 if you must know... London > Houston). I hear he's pretty good. Twas a mere 24 hours after he lost the 2004 Wimbledon Final. He still made $1 Million for losing so don't feel sorry for him. Despite the fresh pain of defeat he was gracious enough to scribble what is supposidely his signature on scraps of paper:

David Beckham could probably kick his ass. Literally (cue rim shot).

A television commercial for a UK chain called The Cellphone Warehouse uses The Kinks song 'Days'... Bummer. Meanwhile, I scored a sweet new 49 track Mod compilation CD (Who, Jam, Small Faces, Motown, etc).

Bell Boy... I gotta get runnin' now.