Friday, August 27, 2004

America's Sweethearts

This post is courtesy of Umlaut confidante Skychick:

At 35,000 feet above the Atlantic aboard a flight heading back to the U.S. from the 2004 Olympics: U.S. Gymnasts Courtney McCool (L.) and Courtney Kupets (R.) bask in the glory of their 2nd Place Finish. Courtney #2 also earned a Bronze Medal in the "Uneven Bars" competition. Whatever that is...

Courtney #1 is showing off the Silver Medal the U.S. Team brought home from Greece. "We're Number Two! We're Number Two!!"

Skychick reports that Courtney #1 and Courtney #2 surreptitiously asked for ice cream. They revealed they couldn't let their coach know about the treat. The Courtneys not only had second, but THIRD servings of the forbidden delicacy. With so much media attention being paid to steroids, I think there's a more compelling and sinister story involving the abuse of desserts and sweets by our athletes. The "Liberal Media" indeed.

Umlaut must admit that he hasn't watched The Olympics, but out of boredom would argue that the team probably returned in disgrace. "We're Number Two!" sounds like a rationalization for success to me. They lost the Gold Medal to ROMANIA. When was the last time America lost anything to Romania?!

However, Skychick reports that America's Sweethearts were indeed sweethearts... and they gave her an official USA Gymnastics 2004 pin for supplying them with "The Junk".

I'm so bored with the U.S.A... but what can I do?" - The Clash