Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Living Vicariously New Years

Submitted by Tour Manager Doug:

It was pretty weird. Me, the little kid from Cloverdale, CA, in Times Square with
Snoop Dogg and Green Day for New Year's... Police escort to the middle of The Square at one point for the interview they did with some hotty MTV VJ... Fun Fun Fun.

Green Day onstage

Snoop side stage

Green Day and Snoop toasting in 2005

I took a pic of the guys with Snoop in the lobby and security told me "NO PICTURES!". I apologized, but started to take another at the same time that Snoop said to take another.

The security guy got REALLY uptight, but I told him "Snoop told me to take another one. I couldn't say "No" to Snoop, could I?"

Security wasn't amused.

All Umlaut can say is "Tonight long stick goes boom". Krokus would be so fucking proud.

"Don't wanna be an American Idiot.. one nation controlled by the media."