Tuesday, February 01, 2005

20+ Years of February 1st

Tour Manager Doug ("TMD") and Umlaut have been friends since before the dawn of Christianity. He roams the Earth enabling Rock Stars to be Rock Stars. Umlaut lives vicariously through his Lock 'N Loll lifestyle and wants to write TMD's memoirs.

Submitted by TMD:


21 years ago this past week we all saw Slayer open for Laaz Rockit at the Keystone Berkeley and then with Exodus at Ruthies' Inn and Wolfgang's.
  • 2/1/83 - Living in Cloverdale, CA - Working at Shop n' Save.
  • 2/1/84 - Slayer / Laaz Rockit was 4 days ago - This is where it all starts.
  • 2/1/85 - Cotati, CA - Veteran's Building - Laaz Rockit +2
  • 2/1/86 - San Diego, CA - Adams Ave Theater - Slayer / D.R.I. / Bloodcum / Legion / Rigor Mortis
  • 2/1/87 - Saw Paul Dianno's Battlezone a couple of days ago at Jezebel's in Anaheim. Trevor and I singlehandedly kept the opening act from doing their encore.
  • 2/1/88 - Off day in Charlotteville, VA on the Game Theory tour
  • 2/1/89 - Windsor, Ontario - California Club - A Flock Of Seagulls
  • 2/1/90 - Off day in Amsterdam with Mordred prior to the tour with Overkill .
  • 2/1/91 - Vicious Rumours played the 'Real Rock' in Oakland last night.
  • 2/1/92 - Chicago, IL - The Avalon - Savatage
  • 2/1/93 - Portland, OR - Roseland - D.R.I. / ProPain
  • 2/1/94 - Visiting the parents in Cloverdale.
  • 2/1/95 - Columbus, OH - Alrosa Villa - Skrew / Spudmonsters / Overdose +1
  • 2/1/96 - Springfield, IL - Convention Center - Mortal Kombat
  • 2/1/97 - Home in N. Hollywood with the lovely wife prior to the Ben Folds Five European Tour.
  • 2/1/98 - Home in N. Hollywood with the lovely wife prior to the Ben Folds Five U.S. Tour with Robbie Fulks.
  • 2/1/99 - Home in N. Hollywood with the lovely wife prior to the Jude tour opening for Train and Better Than Ezra, BTE headlined.
  • 2/1/00 - Home in the house I just bought with the lovely wife before going on tour with Stir.
  • 2/1/01 - Home on a break during the Eve 6 tour.
  • 2/1/02 - Home on a break during the first Ben Folds solo tour.
  • 2/1/03 - Home on break during the Beck tour. Saw Stir a couple of nights ago.
  • 2/1/04 - On vacation
  • 2/1/05 - Off day in Dublin, Ireland on the Green Day tour. Going to dinner with friends.
10 years ago today I was in the club where the Pantera guy was killed. Looks like my timing was good.

"This is dedicated to a fine body of men...It's called 'We Are The Road Crew'..."


The world of Umlaut can be so small! Old Umlaut friend Drunk Ted was once part of the mighty Flipside magazine staff... In that magical year of 1986, Tour Manager Doug and Drunk Ted were in the same place.. and didn't even know it. Such is the Magic of METAL.

Submitted by Drunk Ted:

Holy crap! Doug was at the Slayer show at Adams Ave. on 2/1/86? I was there too!

VERY memorable show. Jeff's amp blew up during the 3rd song and so he took Tom's bass and finished the show with that. Didn't miss a note, either. That's pretty impressive! This was also the show where a kid (I can track him down too... met someone last year who knows him) jumped off the balcony and went THROUGH the stage. Slayer still mentions this in interviews (in Kerrang way back when, and as recently as the documentary on the DVD that came out last year).

I remember I was supposed to interview them for my radio show. Metal Blade set up the interview, but when we got there (drunk on stolen beer since we were under 21), Slayer knew nothing about it.

Before the show, I tried to get them to do the interview, but Tom wanted to drink and I wasn't old enough. He went into the Elbow Club (which is now the Ould Sod, an Irish Pub I frequent to this day. They have the Elbow Club sign on the inside of the pub now. I often think "Slayer drank here!" when I'm there looking at that sign.) and left me stranded. I was pretty freakin' drunk at this time too, so I don't know if they really wanted to be interviewed by some drunk kid.

I also helped Kerry (who I hear wasn't drinking in those days) load up his amps while trying to tell him about the interview I had set up. Didn't seem to want to do it. After the show, I was still bugging Kerry for an interview, as we were walking to the 7/11, and people kept screaming "SLAYER" to him. He would just respond with a "slayer" in a girly voice under his breath, mocking them.

As the night went on, Kerry finally said "Ok, I'll do the interview when I get back." and he went back into the club. By this time I had sobered up and said "Wait a minute, if it's this hard to get an interview out of them that was approved by Metal Blade, and they don't want to do it, why should I waste my time either?" So I left before he came out. That would've been my very first interview and had it bombed, in my insecurities back then, I probably would've given up interviewing bands. Instead, my first interview was with Dave Mustaine a month later, and it was AMAZING. He was so friggin' cool and I learned alot from it in regards to interviewing bands. Still one of the best interviews I ever had. It sparked a "career" where I've since interviewed about 75 bands, maybe more.

I'm sure me & Kerry could easily do a great interview now just talking about pro-wrestling!


Cue up either the Bob Seger or Metallica version of 'Turn The Page' and gasp in awe at Doug's All-Time Band / Gig List. He ran, he ran so far away. He just ran, he ran all night and day. He couldn't get away.

Submitted by TMD:

Doug On Tour (1984-Present)

Note: Ben Folds is on the list 3 different times, so he is WAY out in front. Yngwie opened for AC/DC on the 'Fly on the Wall' tour in 1985. So, I only missed 1, maybe 2, shows to do Slayer shows in NYC. This is when I was working for Boutwell.

# Of Shows Attended / Band:

363 Ben Folds Five
233 Warped Tour
171 D.R.I.
164 Cannibal Corpse
140 A Flock Of Seagulls
125 Rising Force (Featuring Yngwie Malmsteen)
116 Dirty Looks
105 Mortal Kombat
101 Eve 6
91 Vicious Rumors
87 Jude
82 Savatage
77 Slayer
72 Stir
68 ProPain
65 Samael
64 Beck
63 Train
61 AC/DC
54 Green Day
54 Exodus
53 Ben Folds Band
50 Ben Folds Solo

"There I go, turn the page..."