Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hammers Rule O.K.!

For those readers who are Iron Maiden fans AND who follow English soccer (all 3 of you.....):

Steve Harris' bass (note Hammers logo)

"No matter where we go in the world you'll see a West Ham scarf out there at least once a week. Once we had a Union Jack thrown up on the stage in New York with West Ham written on it. And some geezer in the New York area had a tattoo put on his arm with an Eddie and "Up the Hammer" underneath it but he didn't know what the fuck it meant! I told 'im and he didn't care. I must admit I love West Ham enough to have a tattoo done. In fact, I'm seriously thinkin´ about havin' one. But for me, West Ham's there for life. I'll be watching them forever." - Steve Harris