Monday, May 02, 2005

Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine

Scenes from The Real World from this past weekend.

Overheard by Umlaut in his local Target:

A father to his 3-year old daughter who was being a kid and running down an aisle:

"You better come back here NOW! Do you want the police to come and get you?!! They'll shoot you!!"

Experienced by Umlaut friend Hayne in lovely Reno, Nevada:

We got the $2.99 Breakfast Special at the Silver Legacy - 2 eggs any style, hashbrowns, toast, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage. I didn't want the soggy looking hashbrowns, so I said "No hashbrowns, please", which in itself was difficult for the kitchen. Like robots, 2 separate people tried to slop the hashbrowns on my plate. I had to watch that like a hawk.

I moved obediently in line to the cashier, and the total was $6.85...I got a small coffee, but was it over 3 dollars?! I read my receipt, and the cashier charged me "side order" charges for my eggs, toast, and sausage. I told her I got the $2.99 Special...She was kinda annoyed with me and said "Normally we charge for whatever you buy, but I'll change it to $2.99."

Now, I know I don't work in a fancy casino like the Silver Legacy, but I didn't get that breakfast equation. I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode and told the cashier "So, if I got the hashbrowns and threw them in the trash, you'd charge me $2.99? But if I say "No hashbrowns, please", I get charged $1.75 for toast, $1.75 for 2 eggs, and $1.75 for sausage?" Moronic casino restaurant cashier. I think she fixed it to be the $2.99 Special so she could avoid talking anymore to me.

Then I lost $20 at the "Wheel of Fortune" quarter slot in the El Dorado.

"Weird scenes inside the goldmine... Ride the highway West... baaby..." - The Doors