Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Random Rock Star Moment #13: Iron Maiden

The exciting sequel to Maiden Brazil and Maiden OzzFest!

Iron Maiden onstage at OzzFest - Aug. 2005

Submitted by Lauraloha

Lauraloha attended every one of those Maiden shows that Umlaut so proudly told us about. That is, all the way up until Shoreline Ampitheatre in 2000. That's when she had the strange opportunity to work the show as a Backstage Runner, where she drove a 15 passenger van full of aging golfers. You may ask yourself, "What do golfers have to do with it?" Well, those aging golfers are otherwise known as IRON MAIDEN. They fly in on their own Cessna piloted by none other than Bruce Dickenson. The Cessna takes them from golf course to stage and back to next golf course near the next stage. It was all a bit much for Lauraloha. She decided then and there that golf and metal don't mix. One should never work for a band they actually like because you might find out things you wish you didn't know.

During this fabulous day in the van, Lauraloha's brand new Maui boyfriend came along for the ride. Being a Maui boy and not very schooled in the backstage scene and having no idea who Iron Maiden was (nor did he care), he decided he would talk to the band as we drove them to the private plane on the private tarmac. A big no no. First rule of service, never talk to the band unless they ask you something directly. Maui boy didn't understand that he was in a coveted position, in a van with Iron Maiden listening to private after show chatter (which had to do exclusively with golf).

Maui boy never came out on another job. Lauraloha never went to another Maiden show. She does not watch golf. Dave Murray lives 1/2 a mile away on Wailea Golf Course where he lives a life of obscurity among the golfers.

Metal. Golf. You decide.

From Nicko McBrain and Dave Murray playing golf at Tanglewood Country Club in Cleveland on Aug. 5, 2003 (Note the Maiden golf bag!).

"Chasing the Redskins back to their holes, fighting them at their own game..."


Kerrang! [click for link] in the U.K. recently published a short but entertaining interview with Maiden's singer Bruce Dickenson [click for link]. Among other things, Bruce said:

"Retired heroin addicts love golf. Every one I know — from THIN LIZZY's Scott Gorham to Dave Mustaine — credits golf as being the thing that saved their lives. I'm from the Oscar Wilde fraternity that believes that golf is a good walk spoiled. I've had an implant to stop me taking it up, just as ex-smokers use nicotine patches."

I challenge you to name another Rock Star who hates golf but who quotes Oscar Wilde... and who also hosts his own weekly BBC Radio show [click for link].

Click HERE for the complete interview.