Monday, September 12, 2005

R.I.P. Jahn

Jahn Myers (1961-2005) [click for link]

When I moved from the 'burbs to San Francisco, Jahn was one of my first "city" friends.

So many good memories from those days..

Jahn was present on the day when I decided to move to S.F. from The 'Burbs. I was walking down Valencia St. with Jayne. Jahn and Joey Acid King (then drummer for the Stimmies) pulled up next to us in Jahn's old convertible. Jayne knew them so we piled into the backseat and we ended up at a bar called The Chameleon on Valencia.. It was a Sunday afternoon... a band was playing.. it was a sunny, warm day.. we drank our beers. A perfect afternoon. At that moment I realized I needed to get serious about relocating to S.F.. and I did.

Rest in Peace, buddy.