Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cliff Notes

This one is for all of the Old Metal Music Geeks.

Umlaut has known K.J. since before the Dawn of Christianity. Between 1983-87 K.J. ran the Official Metallica Fan Club. Click HERE to see what he's up to now.

Submitted by K.J.

This is the first thing Cliff Burton ever wrote for the original Metallica Fan Club, back in the Summer of 1983. It ran in the first club newsletter - an equipment rundown printed alongside those from band mates Hetfield, Hammett, and Ulrich.

(From the K.J. Archives)

"Right now, I'm using a Randall 300 watt head into: 1 Randall 1 x 18 cab and 1 road 2 x 18 cab."

"At this time I only use 2 effects. A Morley Power Ultra Boost and an MXR Limiter."

"I play a Rickenbacker 4001 bass. The 2 stock pickups have been replaced as follows: In the bass position there's a "Gibson EB" pickup. In the treble position, there's a "Seymore Duncan Stacked Jazz" pickup. I have also had a 3rd pickup installed in the bridge. It's a "Seymore Duncan Stacked Strat." Both Duncan pickups are "Humbucking" in design so they help reduce unwanted noise."

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth 4-Ever.