Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Hallow's Eve 2005

Umlaut LOVES Halloween!

Casa de Umlaut's neighborhood is pretty jumping with the Halloween spirit every year. What's more fun than drinking red wine while wearing Devil horns and giving kids candy? NOTHING.

Umlaut's front yard... Glowing skull in a bird bath. SPOOKY!

How can you not love the irony of kids coming to the door while The Birthday Party's "Release The Bats" blared from Umlaut's stereo and Nick Cave screamed "Sex vampire.. Bite!"... followed by B.O.C.'s "Don't Fear The Reaper". Umlaut's Halloween Mix played on shuffle proved to be very sublime... especially when combined with a red wine buzz and sugar rush from Halloween candy.

Appropriately, as Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead" hit the stereo a massive group of 15 kids hit Umlaut's front step at once. "Undead, undead, undead.."

Click HERE to read about last year's Halloween in Casa de Umlaut's hood. Eerie and macabre.. but the old lady's daughter and son-in-law recently moved into her house. The cycle continues.

The final Trick or Treater tally = 91 kids. Not bad, but there was only ONE Mummy. I was disappointed. However, the coolest thing was that practically all of the kids (and parents) who came to the door said "Thank you".. I was impressed. Perhaps there's hope for this society yet.

"Bonfires burning bright,
Pumpkin faces in the night,
I remember Halloween."
- The Misfits