Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Mummies

Umlaut finally picked up a copy of The Mummies - Runnin' On Empty - Volume One (Estrus Records ES94016).. Vinyl-only just like the Old Days... Uhh, it only came out 9 years ago. Guess I've been lazy.

Side 2 features a live set recorded at the beloved Chameleon (R.I.P.) on Valencia St. in The Mission in September 1991. If I had a dollar for every dollar I spent drinking at The Chameleon I'd have that many more dollars now... or, more likely, I would have spent those dollars drinking somewhere else back then.

I love the liner notes of the album (again, I'm only 9 years behind). They include this historical / hysterical bit that really captures the vibe of S.F. circa 1991:

"For a short while, this meant an easy $75 in each of our pockets... ANYTIME we played. GOT IT? Yeah and READ this Goddamned contract: two FREE drink tickets. EACH, Jack. It also meant playing to a FULL-HOUSE of really COOL people, in (you guessed it) really COOL clothes. Usually, we'd get to the club early, and just check out the COOL shit, DIG? Now, I'm Fuckin' Hemorrhaging, JACK! You have to understand God damn it all, we were part of THE hierarchy of Fuckin' COOL bands in 'Frisco, DUDE. We knew ALL the COOL bands... FUCK! Surf, Punk, Garage... we LIVED it! We ATE it. We FUCKED it Daddy-O."

Last week, Umlaut visited the new deYoung Museum in S.F. for the first time. The new building is like something out of Planet Of The Apes.

Thanks to a Miatomic request, as the Jetta pulled into the parking garage "(You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes" by The Mummies roared from the Jetta's stereo via the iPod... JACK!

[Note: This completes Umlaut's attempt to post something to this space every day for a week... He will now get a life.]