Friday, December 16, 2005

Bring It On Down

I love this! From NME:

Oasis cause uproar in Glasgow
Song dedicated to footballer upsets some fans

Oasis caused uproar in Glasgow last night (December 15) when they dedicated a song to Irish football legend Roy Keane, who has just signed for Celtic.

Frontman Liam Gallagher dedicated 'Bring It Down' to the footballer, who has just left Manchester United.

The dedication sparked jeers from the Rangers fans in the audience, with reports of some throwing plastic beer glasses.

Liam reportedly responded by saying: "You can take it, you're grown up, aren't you?"

Both Noel and Liam Gallagher are Manchester City fans. But both Noel and Liam have both expressed a soft spot for Celtic in the past.

Umlaut has bootleg video of a 1978 AC/DC show in Glasgow on the night the Glasgow Rangers won the Scottish League Championship (of course Bon Scott was Scottish). For the encore the entire band comes onstage wearing Rangers kits.

Bon says "That's for The Champions!" as Angus kicks a soccer ball into the audience. Then they play 'Fling Thing' (b-side of the 1976 'Jailbreak' single) before launching into 'Rocker'. FOOKIN' GLEAT!

[DUH! The footage of 'Fling Thing' > 'Rocker' is on the Family Jewels DVD... but there are bootlegs out there of the complete show.]


Tour Manager Doug (TMD) is down in Australia wrapping up the mammoth Green Day American Idiot Tour. At practically the same time Umlaut was posting the above AC/DC content, TMD was sending me this item.. THE ROCK GODZ KNOW!!

Submitted by TMD:

Our Australian production manager used to work for Rose Tattoo. I'm always trying to get the Aussie promoter reps to tell me stories about The Angels, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, and to aim me at other cool Aussie Rock bands. He told me last Spring that if we came back this year he had a Rose Tattoo shirt he would give me. I expected a beat up, well worn shirt not a fantastic condition zipper sweat jacket THAT FITS.

I told him that I didn't know if I could accept the gift. He said "You're a fan right?" I said yes. He said "You keep the hoodie, I've still got the memories that came with it".

The only thing cooler than my new jacket is Howard Freeman, the guy who gave it to me.

I feel like sleeping in it. Christmas came 9 days early for TMD.

And I found The Angels Night Attack album on CD today. Most of their CDs are out of print, so they're really hard to find. I've only got 5 of the 14 I want on CD.

The Geeks shall inherit the Earth! Umlaut has, and always will, live vicariously through TMD's Rock 'N Roll Lifestyle.

If you don't know Rose Tattoo you're NOT Rock. They coulda / shoulda been as big as AC/DC..

"Scarred for life... My reputation it cuts like a knife.."