Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Long, Long Time Ago.....

Life rolls on for Umlaut in the grown up 21st Century, but it seems like only 3 or 4 lifetimes ago..... (cue swirly time travel thing):

Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley - 1984 (Pic by Harold O.) - Cliff Burton of Metallica (3rd from left) with some of the Ruthie's Gang out in front of the club. Old Metal Erik is 2nd from left in the denim vest. For the Bay Area Old School: You'll probably also recognize Rob McKillop of Exodus, Craig Behrhorst, Rick Strahl, Andy Anderson (appropriately upside down), and Adam Segan.. among others.

The Stone, S.F. - 1983 (Pic by Big Wayne) - In the bathroom in between bands at a Raven / Metallica show. Mike Sammon is on the far left. The Mercyful Fate shirt Mike's wearing is the same one that was in Umlaut's room and which was secretly disposed of by my mom. John and Robert are on the right. One of these guys is now a school teacher.

The Record Vault, S.F. - 1983. Umlaut is on the far left and K.J. and the legendary Ron Quintana on the far right. Click HERE to find out how Umlaut got his studded belt.. Uh oh, there's that Mercyful Fate artwork again! The guy behind Umlaut became a Born Again Christian.

Such innocent and fun times! Meanwhile, back in the grown up 21st Century... "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drone. Time for this one to come home."