Friday, March 10, 2006

Full Circle

Back in the early-90's both Umlaut and Film Threat were print publications. I read Film Threat when it was a xeroxed 'zine and then when it became the glossy magazine published by Larry Flynt. I loved Film Threat and even subscribed to it.

Eventually, one of FT's editors (a guy named Gabriel Alvarez, who was also associated with the excellent Austin-based Thora-zine) became a fan of Umlaut and gave it a glowing review.

Film Threat Issue 14 - February 1994

These were the Glory Days of 'Zines, when they were all the rage and EVERYONE seemed to be doing one. What's that? Uhh, no.. Nobody had web pages and blogs.. 'cause The Internet didn't exist yet. Ask your parents...

Click HERE to read a PDF of the Film Threat review.

FT's print incarnation lived from 1985-97, but in recent years it has florished as the excellent online publication

Over 20 years ago, my old friend K.J. Doughton and I contributed to each other's Metal fanzines (Northwest Metal and Whiplash respectively). We were such idealistic young Metalheads..

Later, at about the same time that Film Threat reviewed Umlaut, K.J. authored the book Metallica Unbound (which you should buy since Umlaut contributed to it.. pay particular attention to pages 122-137..).

Fast forward to the 21st Century and K.J. is now a regular contributor to the online Film Threat. Recently, K.J. reviewed a new documentary called Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.

Click HERE to read K.J.'s review.

Did you read it?! Umlaut needs to see that movie; just reading K.J.'s review made 20+ years melt away!

Plus, no matter where you go, there you are: Film Threat and Umlaut... Full circle. HA!!

It's cool that after all these years (1) K.J. and I are still friends, (2) we're still Geeks at heart eventhough we're all grown up, and (3) deep down we're still METAL.

"Acting like a maniac... whiplash!"