Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Drunk Ted (DT) and Umlaut have known each other since The Grunge Days. Simply stated, we are twin sons of different mothers. Our Music Geek ways and experiences are so similar it's downright eerie. From Old Metal, to Grunge, to Rock we're twinsies.

Recently DT burned me copies of Vols. 2-4 of comp CD's that he made called Rock Your Fucking Head Off... DT's background on them is quintessential Music Geek:

"Rock Your Fucking Head Off is what I call my DJ gigs. I got it off an autograph Axl Rose did for a friend back in '87. It took Axl about 5 minutes to write it because he was so messed up. The comps are all my absolute favorite songs at whatever time I'm making them."

When Umlaut hung out with DT recently he played Vol. 4 of Rock Your Fucking Head Off in the car most of the time and I lost count of how many times I asked "Who is this??"

To say that the CD was "cool" is an understatement.

Dude, Vols. 2-4 of RYFHO clocks in at 78 songs and 3.7 hours of ROCK. The discs are all Umlaut has been listening to this week on iTunes / iPod in the car, at work, and at home. My favorite songs (so far) are 'C'mon C'mon C'mon' by Paul Westerberg and 'Down On Me' by the Hoodoo Gurus, but the entire collection has been rocking Umlaut's world.

For the record here's the track listing of RYFHO Vols. 2-4:
  1. 1974 - Thee STP
  2. Animal Instinct - Preacher's Kids
  3. Are You Ready - Lazy Cowgirls
  4. Baby Kisses - Doom Kounty Electric Chair
  5. Babylon - Frankenstein 3000
  6. Back Against The Wall - Lord High Fixers
  7. Backstage - The Donnas
  8. Better Off Alone - Midnight Thunder Express
  9. Big Rig - The Donnas
  10. Black Betty - Throttlerod
  11. C'mon C'mon C'mon - Paul Westerberg
  12. Can't Keep My Mind Off You - The Nomads
  13. Chrome Helmet - Big Chief
  14. Cold Ethyl - The Bulemics
  15. Come A Day - Demons
  16. Come And Get It - Locomotions
  17. Communication Breakdown - Disengage
  18. Dancefloor - Devil Rock Four
  19. Disconnected - Kelly Osbourne
  20. Do Anything You Want To Do - Eddie And The Hot Rods
  21. DOA - Foo Fighters
  22. Down On It - The Spitfires
  23. Down On Me - Hoodoo Gurus
  24. Drinks - American Heartbreak
  25. Earn The Crown - Backyard Babes
  26. Earthy - The Hydromatics
  27. Frontside - Buck Cherry
  28. Full Moon Crazy - Mustang
  29. Genius - Peepshows
  30. Get The Picture - Asteroid B612
  31. Growing On Me - The Darkness
  32. Have You Seen That Cat - Mother Superior
  33. Headsprings - White Stripes
  34. Heartbreaker - Two Point Eight
  35. Hey Baby! - Deadbeats
  36. Hit It On The Head - The Wildhearts
  37. I'm A Believer - Rachel Bolan
  38. I'm Flipped Out Over You - The Victims
  39. I Am A Tree - Guided By Voices
  40. I Live For Speed - Star Spangles
  41. Intergalactic Sinners - Mustang
  42. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
  43. Keep Rock Clean - Rock 'N Roll Stormtroopers
  44. Lit Up - Buck Cherry
  45. Little Piece Of Action - The Makers
  46. Loaded - Backstreet Girls
  47. Money - Mustang
  48. Money Or Your Life - The Dragons
  49. Monster Kiss - Deadbeats
  50. Move Over - Mensen
  51. Neat Neat Neat - Adam West
  52. Next To You - Anthrax
  53. No Goddamn Phones - Gluecifer
  54. No Stars Tonight - Fabulous Disaster
  55. On The Outside - Marked Men
  56. Psycho Desco - The Weaklings
  57. Pucker Up - The Ends
  58. Real Thick Head - Candy Snatchers
  59. Rock Your Ass - Supersuckers
  60. Roll With The Punches - Deadbeats
  61. Sake Bomb - The D4
  62. She Gets Away - Crash Kelly
  63. Skip Steps 1 & 3 - Superchunk
  64. Sniffin' Glue - Exploding Hearts
  65. So Long Goodbye - Asteroid B612
  66. Someone That Won't Let Me Go - The Wildhearts
  67. Takin' A Ride - Candy Snatchers
  68. Teenage Hypochondriac - The Heartaches
  69. The Devil's Own - Hellride
  70. The Night Billy Wanted To Fly - Streetwalkin' Cheetahs
  71. They Will Destroy Us All (Without Mercy) - The Bronx
  72. Tight - Black Halos
  73. Top Alcohol (live) - The Nomads
  74. Valentine Frankenstein - The Hydromatics
  75. Wasn't Born To Work - The Nomads
  76. Waste Of Flesh - The Makers
  77. What We Do - Bump 'n Uglies
  78. Worm Song - The Yobs
If you're on the Umlaut mailing list (and if you're not, you'll have to figure out how to join that Slaytanic group...) send me your mailing address and I'll burn you a CD of RYFHO Vols. 2-4 on an MP3 CD and snail mail it to you gratis.

On another note: On this date (August 16th) in 1977 Elvis Aaron Presley passed away AND KISS played the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Paul Stanley dedicated 'Rock And Roll All Nite' to The King. The Summer Of '77 was all about KISS and Star Wars for Umlaut.

Today (August 16th) is also my Mommy and Daddy's 54th Wedding Anniversary. Although they would be horrified to read the crap I post here, I love 'em ALOT... and I know they love me too (AWWW).

I must also give a shout out to my Auntie Barbara, who passed away this week. She and my late Uncle Bob lived in Quincy, Plumas County, California. I have wonderful memories of spending Summers at their house in The Sierras as a kid.

R.I.P. Auntie Barbara.