Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Intrepid Fox R.I.P.

After 222 years (two hundred and twenty-two years!), the pub called The Intrepid Fox in London's Soho closed this week. In more recent decades the pub was infamous as a Punk / Rocker / Goth hangout. Click HERE for the BBC coverage.

The Intrepid Fox was one of the first pubs where Umlaut had a pint in London many years ago... and only because Skychick told me Lemmy used to hang out there back in The Day. The London Paper posted a nice video about the pub's closing:

Sad... very sad.. and it only magnifies the fact that 2006 is the first year in almost a decade that Umlaut won't be making his annual visit to his beloved London.

"London's burning with boredom now..."