Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Power Of Lew Siffer

I've had this copy of the Christian comic book Angels? for years. It was originally published in 1986 and tells the sordid tale of a struggling "Christian Heavy Metal" band called Green Angels. Just when their career is going into the tank, the band is approached by a dark and mysterious stranger name "Lew Siffer" who offers to guide their career... for a price....

Long story short: 3 months later one of the band members has died of AIDS, another has OD'd, and another member is into "vampirism" (!!). Luckily, the guitarist finds Jesus, renounces Lew Siffer, and is "saved". Evidently Jesus has the legal power to void any contract, even those signed in blood. Who knew?!

Beware Lew!! If only I'd been taught this lesson earlier in life but, alas, it is too late for me.. To quote from comic: "Most young people won't fight for their countries, but they'll die for their rock and roll gods."