Sunday, October 08, 2006

Refuse / Resist

Two Argentinian kids perform Sepultura's 'Refuse / Resist'!!

This year has seen great new albums by Metal Gods Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden, and Slayer... but I think most will agree that these kids are THE MOST METAL thing this year!

Whoever does Sepultura merch should find these kids and swag them up!

"Silence means death, stand on your feet, inner fear your worst enemy.. Refuse / Resist!!"

Added 10/27/06:

The IPS news service has published a great article about the brothers:

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 27 (IPS) - Three brothers in the north of Argentina who are into heavy metal decided to upload on the Internet some music videos filmed in their bedroom -- never imagining that only 15 days later their music would be in demand by millions of people, and they would be showered with proposals.

"They never studied music," Miriam Fernández, mother of Emilio, 15, Agustín, 11, and Martín, 10, who live in the northwestern province of Salta, told IPS.

Click HERE to read the complete article!