Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Very Best Album Ever

It's sad how the life can be sucked out of anything by clueless and lazy people. How long did it take EMI to come up with this title for a Saxon compilation CD?? The Very Best Album Ever?? WTF?!

For the newbies, Saxon are an Old Metal band who date from the late-70's in England. It's long been rumored they were the inspiration for Spinal Tap and one of Metallica's first paid gigs was opening for Saxon in 1982. They were great in their prime, but have had a revolving cast of members since then and usually people say "They're still around??" when the band's name is mentioned today . I haven't listened to anything new by the band since around 1984.

That being said, Saxon deserved better than this! From the packaging you'd think they were some crappy New Age Jazz band.

Of course, since the label is EMI cue that Sex Pistols song.