Friday, November 10, 2006

One Dahc Night

Little Steven's Underground Garage A-Go-Go Tour with:
New York Dolls / Supersuckers / The Chesterfield Kings
The Independent, San Francisco
November 8, 2006

Ironically, on the same night the New York Dolls came back to town, another legendary band also played the Bay Area with only 2 surviving original members: The Who were onstage 50 minutes south of S.F. in San Jose. Don't cry, don't raise your eyes.

Tickets for The 'Oo were priced at $150 EACH for the best seats, while tics for the New York Dolls were a mere $20.. Dollar for dollar, I suspect this show had more genuine Rock 'N Roll attitude than The Who, but I would also venture to guess that the crowd at The Independent had a higher percentage of lame weekend warrior music posers than The Arena in San Jose.

The concept of the Little Steven's Underground Garage A-Go-Go Tour is cool, but it's LAME because it's executed in such a calculated corporate way. I don't want to rehash myself since I already ranted about this bullshit a mere 2 months ago, so I'll simply say that I saw no guys glammed out at this show like there were at The Dolls' previous S.F. show 2 years ago.

As at the previous Underground Garage Tour show, an annoying DJ from local Rock radio 107.7 The Bone hosted the event and $1 Rolling Rock coupons were given out like crack to whores. Note to the DJ: While I like pre-70's Jazz as much as the next person, if you're emceeing a ROCK concert and you're representing a ROCK radio station, at least wear a fucking ROCK t-shirt and not a Billie Holiday one. Next up: A double shot of Eddie Money.

Best Quote - John (When The Bone's DJ announced the $1 Rolling Rock coupons): "Can you trade three for a better beer?"

The Chesterfield Kings had the right haircuts, clothes, and guitars but their retro stylings screamed "cover band" more than anything else. The Singer's faux Iggy schtick culminated in an "impromptu" climb onto a PA cabinet.. The gesture's scripted nature was given away by a roadie walking across the stage midsong to get into position to take and hold the mic while The Singer got up on the cabinet.. Then the roadie handed the mic back when Mr. Frontman climbed / fell back onto the stage.. at which point the roadie walked back across the stage to his original position; cue coffee break. Note: Iggy didn't have a roadie assisting him with the peanut butter in 1970 Cleveland:

I've been seeing the Supersuckers since back when they only had a couple of 7" singles out (For the newbies: During Bush Sr.'s Administration), but recently I hadn't seen them since the night after Johnny Ramone died. As much as I respect them as a band, seeing the Supersuckers once every 2 years or so has always been enough for me; I suppose they're like my own private mid-term election. They played a nice mix of their Rock and Country tunes, with a reworked 'Creepy Jackalope Eye' being a highlight for me. The Supersuckers are one band who would benefit from having some pyrotechnics onstage.

Unfortunately, the evening was marred by Umlaut friend Teri having to battle wits with a hideous "DAHC" (Drunk Aging Hipster Chick), but Teri is far more Old School than DAHC could ever comprehend and she prevailed. However, I have a couple of notes for DAHC:
  • Honey, the heavy makeup to hide your meth and alcohol ravaged face ain't working.
  • Trying to pick a fight with another woman ain't sexy like in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!; you are NOT a character in a Russ Meyer film... not even close. To quote The Dolls: "Trash, don't pick it up!"
Anyway, like, The Dolls ruled!! I don't want to rehash myself, so I'll simply repeat what I said 2 years ago after seeing them at The Fillmore: "Okay, YES it was only 2/5 of the old Dolls.. but that 2/5 had more genuine attitude and charisma than entire bands I've seen recently."

They played around 5 songs from their new album, which meshed well and sounded great next to the old classics... but the highlight of the night for me was a brutalicious version of 'Jet Boy'.

The Dolls during 'Jet Boy' (Pic by Umlaut)

I must also note how great David Johansen (56 years old) and Sylvain Sylvain (57 years old) are onstage and how they looked even better and more in fighting shape than on their last visit to S.F.. Hope I die before I get old.. Age IS only a number (except for DAHC).

I gotta close by saying how I started tripping on the fact I was seeing The Dolls at the Kennel Club (For the newbies: The Independent space has been several concert clubs over the decades, with the early-90's incarnation called The Kennel Club being nearest to my heart..).. So many of my old favorite bands, past and present, played on that stage (Nirvana, L7, Melvins, The Fluid, Neurosis, Jesus Lizard, Alice Donut, The Stimmies, Monster Magnet, Gallon Drunk, Sleep, etc. etc. etc.).. and then when The Dolls played their final encore of 'Piece Of My Heart' I tripped on the fact that we were only a couple of blocks from the house where Janis Joplin lived on Lyon @ Oak Street back in the Hippie Shit Days.

Rock Star Sighting = Flamin' Groovies guitarist Cyril Jordan. Cheap Trick shirts = 1 (mine). If you bought one of every Dolls merch item you would have paid $40. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. If you run into DAHC on the Streets Of San Francisco ask how old she is and then comment "Uhh, wow... you look MUCH" and then snicker to yourself or if you're with someone pretend to whisper something in their ear and then both of you snicker. To quote The Dolls: "Like Frankenstein, like Frankenstein..."