Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Machine Moment

The twilight of this year has seen me getting back in touch with alot of people who I haven't talked to in 15-20 years. It's been weird and cool at the same time.

Over Sunday morning coffee I checked my e-mail and almost did a spit take because of this image in my In Box.

Photo © Bill Hale


Who: Me.. 17-years old.

When: September 18, 1982. The Stone, San Francisco.

What: Metallica onstage during the band's first show outside of L.A. and their introduction to their future hometown.

Note my styling old school denim with MSG and Motorhead patches on the sleeve. Also note the band geek sign propped against the stage monitor; I made that (GEEK!).

I have very few pictures of myself from that seminal period of my life.. so it's pretty profound to visually travel back to that more innocent time. It's like seeing one of those old combat photos from World War II, taken in the heat of battle as enemy bullets (or in this case, high volume 'Eavy Metal) fly around me.


ADDENDUM: Out of the foggy haze of time... For those who care, the young Metalheads in the picture are (from L. to R.):
  • Walt Rogers (Original East Bay Rager... anyone know where he is??)
  • Ken Mitolo (Original East Bay Rager... anyone know where he is??)
  • Umlaut
  • Rich Pelletier (Original South Bay Rager)
  • Erik Lannon (Original San Francisco Rager)
  • Unidentifed... anyone recognize him?
To quote Umlaut's Old Metal friend Scarpetti: "Fuck time!"