Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Few Things

Umlaut isn't a "gamer", but I was told about this character from the new Guitar Hero II game:

Some of you know why this is so hilarious...

Nick Cave's new side project Grinderman is, like, a 21st Century version of The Birthday Party!!

'No Pussy Blues' - Grinderman

Music Geek Note: You better grab Grinderman's debut 7" single ('Get It On') ASAP! Dude, it's a one-sided limited edition of 1,000 (numbered!) featuring cover art by Cave and a unique vinyl etching by him on the B-Side. It was released on January 8th and it's already going for up to $40 on the secondary market.

Finally, does anybody remember laughter:

412 Broadway, San Francisco

Note: I did NOT take this photo, but I wish I had.. I stole it off the Information Superhighway.