Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This Week In Music Geek

In recent weeks Umlaut has been on one of his 7" single binges... Music Geeks know what I'm talkin' about. Anywho, here are the results:

Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night (Phonogram 1981)
Picture disc

Grinderman - Get It On (Mute 2007)
Numbered #236 / 1000

Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (Mute 2007)
Numbered #128 / 2500 with poster

Krokus - American Woman (Arista 1982)
B-side = Long Stick Goes Boom

Lords Of The New Church - When The Blood Runs Cold (I.R.S. 1985)
European Tour single

UFO - Doctor Doctor (Crysalis 1979)
Clear vinyl + live shot with Schenker

Besides all that vinyl geekdom, a new song by Heaven And Hell titled 'The Devil Cried' has been posted 21st Century style HERE. I guarantee you this will be the only song released on a major label this year that begins with the line "One fine day in Hell..." DIO!

On a final note, this pic of horrible MTV mallrat favorites Fall Out Boy is in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly wherein the guitarist is wearing..... a Carcass - Heartwork shirt???

For the newbies, Heartwork has just about the most perfect guitar tone of any Metal album in the history of mankind... Was that a bit too fanboy? Anyway, how this influences a crap emo band like Fall Out Boy is something my tiny mind can't comprehend.

"Vocabulary of muted diction, precise thought to miscomprehend..."