Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Random Rock Star Moment #13: Prince

Submitted by Nisreen:

When I was 8 years old and living in Cannes, my mom, sister and I were walking around in town and met up with a friend of the family who owned a shop in this mall nearby. We were all on our way to his shop when we noticed that the mall was actually closed off. Because he owned a shop, they had to let us through. Once we were inside we saw that a movie was being shot and we all stood around watching.

My sister, 13, started jumping for joy when she noticed that Prince was directing the movie!

[Umlaut Note: This would be the cinematic classic Under the Cherry Moon.]

So she quickly found a piece of paper and a pen and started heading towards Prince to get his autograph. However his bodyguard stepped in front of her and didn't allow her to go through. So we were all standing watching Prince, who was kneeling down while filming.

At one point he looked at me and did kind of a cartwheel and then landed in a kneeling position, and gestured me to come over with his finger.

Excited, I took the pen and paper from my sister and handed it to him. He signed it and, after giving it back, he leaned forward to give me a kiss on the cheek.

At that point I moved back and started shaking my head "No", and put my hand forward to shake his hand! I shook his hand and went back to my mom while everybody was laughing...

To this day my sister and I fight over who gets to keep the autograph; she claims it's her paper! But, hey, I'm the one with the story and I must be the only woman who has turned down Prince!