Thursday, April 12, 2007

21 Days

Normally Umlaut tries to avoid being too self-absorbed in this space. However, I just had an insane 3 weeks that I need to memorialize somehow. So......

13 Things I Thought About Over The Past 21 Days:
  1. Never take anything for granted, especially something like employment.
  2. Never take friendships for granted.
  3. Networking is more powerful than HotJobs.
  4. I really like Smart Dogs with the buns slightly toasted.
  5. Being superstitious is comforting.
  6. I can never work someplace where the dudes all wear Dockers and collared shirts.
  7. The last Bolt Thrower album fucking rules.
  8. It's disconcerting to notice that the Vice President of a software / toy company who you're interviewing with has that "crazy chick" look in her eyes.
  9. Death Metal isn't something you can successfully share with alot of people, even close friends.
  10. No offense to my dogs, but my cat Eddie is the sweetest non-human I've ever lived with.
  11. It really isn't a good idea to watch a depressing movie when your life is teetering on the unknown.
  12. When you "need" a copy of a CD at 11:00PM there simply aren't any brick-and-mortar stores to run to any more. I miss Tower Records.
  13. Being an Iron Maiden geek can be beneficial in a "real world" situation after all.