Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Anvil Chorus

In preparation for the Curtis Grant Benefit next week here in San Francisco:

Anvil Chorus were local legends in the early-80's and part of the NWOSFHM (!). They shared the stage with the likes of Motörhead, Yngwie Mamsteen (even serving as his backing band for a show), Exodus, and Metallica amongst others.

Here are some old Anvil Chorus ads from the Chris J. Archives:

Wolfgang's, San Francisco - Jan. 11, 1983

The Kabuki, San Francisco - Dec. 26, 1984

Pretty cool, innit? Umlaut was at that Hughes-Thrall show. It was the day after Judas Priest played at the Cow Palace on the Screaming For Vengeance Tour, which explains why I'm wearing a Screaming For Vengeance tour shirt in this photo from the show:

(Photo by Bill Hale)

Yes, I was 12-years old at the time and I still have the guitar pic that Pat Thrall handed to me. Dude, Tommy Aldridge playing in a college's student union ballroom! I was also introduced to Brad (Night Ranger) Gillis at this show; he was kind of a dick. Night Ranger sucked anyway.

Music Geek Trivia:
Nine days after this show, Metallica headlined for the first time in San Francisco... and 10 days after this show Anvil Chorus shared the stage with Metallica and Exodus at The Mabuhay Gardens in S.F.. Yep, the S.F. Scene ruled back then, man.

The Yngwie / Anvil Chorus show was epic and also featured Exodus on the bill... but I wasn't at that Armored Saint show, probably because it was the day after Christmas and I was playing with my new toys.

Anyway, here are some old Anvil Chorus clippings from the Umlaut Archives:

Metal Mania #7 (Fall 1982)

Metal Mania #8

Metal Mania #8

Kerrang #33 (January 1983)

A decade or so after Anvil Chorus, keyboardist Gere Fenellie joined Redd Kross. It was one of those classic Music Geek coincidences 'cause Redd Kross is one of Umlaut's all-time favorite bands; I was rather geeked out about it:

Umlaut #10 (Fall 1994)

Next week's show is going to be very special... See y'all there!