Sunday, April 29, 2007


A tanker truck fire destroyed part of the MacArthur Maze in Oakland this morning. East Bay A-Go-Go!

I'm On Fire. Fight Fire With Fire. Fire Down Under. Flaming Guitar Fire. Quest For Fire. Fire In The Sky. Shot Down In Flames. Firewind. Flaming Telepaths. Fire, Fire. White Heat, Red Hot.

Sunday, 04/29 - 11:26AM

A disturbing update from the East Bay via Umlaut's Old Metal friend Chris S.:

"Ya, we're way PHUCKED!!! They should have it all fixed by Monday morning, right?

But anyways, you WWII history geek! I got a
B-17 Super Fortress that keeps flying over my house. Yesterday we saw a B-25. Laura saw a ZERO, ZEKE, MEATBALL, KAMAKAZI the other day. Oh shit, here it comes again...Gotta get to my bomb shelter now!!!"


I think we're missing the big picture here, people! The destruction of the freeway seems to be the result of a disruption in the space-time continuum (!!) and is probably the first strike of an invasion by forces from the 1940's!!!

We better get our 21st Century forces mobilized ASAP or we'll all be singing Glenn Miller songs by Memorial Day!!

Is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo!?

Sunday, 04/29 - 1:03PM

Another disturbing update about the East Bay from Umlaut's Old Metal friend Hiro:

"I've seen all of the above airplanes over the last few days. I work right next to the Hayward Airport and it seems I've seen a P-51 Mustang, B-17 or B-25 quad prop war plane, no Zeros but I've also seen WW1 biplanes like the Red Baron's..

When I visited my grandma years ago in rural Japan, she had a wall size poster issued by the Imperial government of Japan (prewar) of the silhouettes of the American planes to forewarn the Japanese citizens of the bomb raids.

I wish I'd kept that."

A WW1 biplane!? Holy crap!! It's obvious that the World Wars (1 AND 2) are using a wormhole to travel to their future and teach us all a lesson about what a "real" war is all about.

I wish Hiro had kept his grandma's WW2 air raid poster too... Who knows what we could have done with some advance warning of this invasion!! We've gotten lazy in our 21st Century ways and I think we're about to pay the price.

Game over, man.. Game over.