Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Euro Trashed

Umlaut's dear friend Lori and Acid King recently completed a successful 18-date European Tour and she has the pictures to prove it:

Acid King 2007 European Tour Gallery

Highlights included a slot at the Roadburn Festival in Holland in front of 2,000 dirty rockers on a heavy hitting bill with Neurosis / Pelican / The Hidden Hand / Red Sparowes / and OM among others.

Another tour stop was at the Central Prison in Antwerp, Belgium (!). Evidently the warden is a big Acid King fan and also books concerts for the inmates. As Lori describes it in the Tour Gallery:

"The cultural center where we played. They led the prisoners in row by row. 60 total 50, me and 10 ladies that were in the back. Our sound man was in for 18 years for killing his girlfriend's lover and our lighting guy recently purchased a shot gun and decided to randomly shoot people of color...... Both were under 25 years old."

Man, that's a long way from Bottom of the Hill!

Meanwhile, Hell welcomes a true motherfucker to its ranks:

If you think Falwell is now in "Heaven" you're sadly mistaken. May he forever burn and service demons in unnatural ways for the bigotry, small mindedness, and hatred he preached and fueled.

Cue the Acid King song 'Into The Ground'!

Umlaut's brutha Rafa of Black Cobra / Acid King in Europe

I completely spaced on this: Black Cobra are back on tour already! 23 dates in the States in May-June, then back to Europe in July followed by dates in Japan in September. Go Rafa, Go! If you're in the Bay Area:

Sunday (20th) - The Uptown, Oakland
Monday (21st) - Elbo Room, San Francisco

Umlaut should be at the Elbo Room if you wanna buy me a drink or give me a hug...