Friday, June 29, 2007

No Sleep 'Til Salinas

Flyer courtesy of Flyerannex. War story courtesy of Rich Laminate:

I was nearly killed by Tom Araya on the way to this show.

The band and crew were all riding in our box truck to the gig, including Rocky from Suicidal Tendencies in attendance, much beer, and a couch in the back of the truck.

While imbibing in many beverages, a wrestling match broke out between all of the passengers in the back of the truck, something like Jeff Hanneman and Rocky against everyone else. There were probably 8 or 9 of us fighting, when all of a sudden we felt the truck drive off the side of the road and through a drainage ditch before regaining control.

Apparently Tom Araya, who was driving, did not want to miss out on the wrestling match; who would? He simply did not allow for the fact that while he was fighting there was no one driving the truck, hence our journey into the ditch.

When we finally got the truck stopped, we exited to find numerous shrubs, bushes, and other debris projecting from our rental truck. Huh, well it seemed like a good time for a piss break and then it was back to drinking and driving.

Truly there is no substitute for being young, stupid, with the band, and over run with beer......AHHHHHHHHH 1986.. Good times (when Dave Mustaine was still relatively cool)