Friday, June 01, 2007

This Week In Music Geek: The Fratellis

Yes, a skeleton in Umlaut's closet is that I can be freakishly obsessive over fag BritPop bands... The latest: Scottish sensations The Fratellis. The lads have fun edgy lyrics and, in a nice Music Geek move, have released a trio of saucy limited edition shaped 7" vinyl picture discs since the release of their debut album:

Music Geeks love this kinda shit... and for the record (pun intended) I really do think The Fratellis are the best thing since The Libertines... Although when I recently asked someone if they liked The Fratellis the response I got was "They're too happy and Scottish for me..."

Anyway, all of my Old Metal friends can now call me a fag, but I know that deep down you still like me.