Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sin City

A couple of weeks ago I was in Las Vegas. Former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown (aka Dah Mayor) was on my flight with his tall blonde companion.

Willie Brown with companion Sonia Molodetskaya

Dah Mayor still kinda rules in that slimy playah sorta way.. but on the plane he was dressed like a dork (old man hat, polyester pants, etc. etc.).. but tall blonde women dig him, so what do I know. However, he did cut to the front of the line just as the plane started boarding, which was an asshole move.

The NDA I signed prevents me from full disclosure on what I was doing in Vegas, but I can say I was there attending a tradeshow for my profession. For better or worse I hadn't been to Vegas in 12 years and the 100+ F. weather (with occasional thunderstorms) didn't help to endear Sin City to me. Anyway, some random snapshots:
  • Working my ass off with a trio of co-workers to set up at the tradeshow at 11:00PM on a Sunday night... Just as I was hitting the wall after hours of running around town via cabs getting supplies, carrying heavy shit, sweat and labor, The Boss plugged in a turntable, pulled out a stack of albums (vinyl!) and dropped The Cure onto the platter and the adrenaline rush pushed us through to finish the job... "Boys don't cry..."
  • As I was walking past the security dudes to enter the showroom, one of the guards noticed my Iron Maiden Killers shirt and sang "Run to the hills... run for your liiives.." I laughed out loud; I probably should have high-fived him.
  • Having a conversation with an Australian guy about Australian Rock bands; he "knew of" Rose Tattoo, but I could tell he had no idea who Radio Birdman, The Saints, or Angel City were.. However, he did know AC/DC... Nice save, dude.
  • Being told a classic Old Metal war story involving being on Saxon's crew during their 1980 U.K. Tour... I wish I could retell the story here.. but I can't.. Hilarious stuff... trust me. Metal.
  • I ran into several former co-workers from my last employer... Yes, the company that caused me considerable jaggedness earlier this year. The encounters confirmed for me that sometimes shit happens for a reason. Do you watch Heroes? Same sorta thing...
  • I wondered what trade shows were like before Booth Babes... and also where are these mythical creatures stabled when they aren't pimping companies?? I'm sure the most magnificent ones are of the free range variety.
Anyway, that's my Vegas report... for what it's worth.. kinda boring, right? Cue AC/DC..

"So spin that wheel, cut that pack, and roll those loaded dice..."