Monday, October 29, 2007

Golden Gods

With their much ballyhooed reunion show a month away, Umlaut was recently asked why I thought Led Zeppelin were so popular, influential, etc. I gave some b.s. answer about how their songwriting and musicianship was leagues above most other bands of that era, but deep in my heart I knew the real reason but I wasn't in the mood to get into a deep Geek conversation at that moment..

Yes, Zeppelin had supernatural songs and musical talent.. but what made Zeppelin huge was the mystique about them.. They were larger than life and the stories of their debauchery only fueled the image. Dude, Zeppelin had a fucking fireplace on their private jet:

Zeppelin aboard The Starship - 1975

Sure, it wasn't a wood burning fireplace (DUH!).. but, c'mon!! It was a fireplace on an airliner! Zeppelin lacked a sense of irony, which is the key ingredient that makes *real* Rock Stars the treasured breed that they are... In this politically correct 21st Century such beasts will probably never walk the Earth again.

"Fight the hordes, sing and cry... Valhalla I am coming..."