Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Week In Music Geek

Back in ancient times (1984) Iron Maiden filmed a documentary about their tour behind The Iron Curtain. It was shown on MTV and Big Wayne taped it with his family's VCR, which allowed us to watch it over and over again. The most legendary scene is when a rabid Eastern European fan excitedly talks to Bruce Dickenson and utters the immortal line:

"I would like to play zee Heavy Metal on zee synthesizer!"

To which Bruce replies:

"It can't be done, mate.."

Reason #17 why Maiden are Umlaut's all-time favorite band; that Techno Music you listen to is gutless! The film was eventually released commercially as a "Video EP" and a few years ago Umlaut stumbled across a used copy that had been tagged with labels by the store that read "OUT OF PRINT" and "NOT ON DVD". Well, both statements are now false.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and next month sees Maiden finally reissuing their 1985 live concert film Live After Death on DVD (FINALLY!!) with a bonus disc that features some amazing extras, including the DVD debut of Behind The Iron Curtain! Talk about a time warp.

Thanks to The Rock Godz, Umlaut was bestowed with an advance copy of the release this week. While my 21st Century self politely said "Thank you.." to my benefactor, my Inner 17-year old Metalhead was saying "HOLY FUCK..."

Maiden... Always.