Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hey! I Know You!

Today's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle featured a story in the Style section that directly involves the Umlaut Nation. Lo and behold but Umlaut's dear friend Dema was featured:

Tanov, Grim, Moon's latest inspirations
Sylvia Rubin, Chronicle Fashion Writer

San Francisco Chronicle

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Page F-1

Dema Grim

Dema Grim boutique, 1038 Valencia St., San Francisco.

Resume: Seattle native, moved to San Francisco in the mid-'90s. Age 42.

Self-taught. Self-financed her first line in 1988, when she lived in New York; sold her wholesale line to Barneys Co-Op. Moved to San Francisco in 1994, opened her boutique in 1998. "The Mission was very edgy and exploratory then, but it had a feeling of an up-and-coming neighborhood."

Run of show: Cheerful, whimsical mix and matching prints and colors with a '60s sensibility and attention to tailoring. "Laugh-In" flower print A-line skirts and African print dresses, wide-leg pants, print blouses, signature jackets in bold prints with contrasting lining.

Rules to live by: "I'm not trendy. I work and react in the moment. When I occasionally do sway off with my line, like trying a different shape, something I wouldn't wear, but think it might appeal to my customers, it doesn't move. Everything I make I would wear."

Reason to stay in town: "San Francisco is awash in indie designers, and I find that really exciting. It's competition, but I don't think I really have any direct competition."

Recent inspirations: "There's a lot going on right in front of my shop, with Ritual Coffee and all the young girls walking by."

Truth be told, Umlaut isn't sophisticated enough to comprehend Dema's magical fashion world and the only colors he seems to know how to match are denim and leather, but if he was a chick he'd wear her stylish creations.