Monday, February 04, 2008

High Voltage

In the early-90's Umlaut worked at a database company in Foster City, California. Umlaut friend Chris H. was a manager at this company as well as a fellow Music Geek. Chris is also the only person I've ever met who plays the bagpipes!

Trivia: Umlaut's Old Metal friend Brad also worked at this database company.. which is a whole other story altogether.

Chris and his bagpipes made an epic appearance one year at the company's annual employee picnic when they joined a co-worker's band onstage (cue time travel swirl thing..):

'It's A Long Way To The Top' - The Human Torches w/ Chris H.
Foster City, CA - 1994

When you have time I urge you to read this literary gem from the pages of the original xeroxed Umlaut:

Droning On: Tales Of A Bagpiper by Chris Hall
Umlaut #11 - Spring 1995)

This post is dedicated to Chris H. and Brad, longtime friends who form Umlaut's formidable San Francisco > New Jersey > Czech Republic Axis of Evil.