Saturday, March 22, 2008


This week in random WW2 references:

Umlaut: So, you're plotting a going away thing for Takoyaki?

T-XIII: The plan is Suppenküche next Friday.

Umlaut: NICE, my friend.. Suppenküche is wunderbah.. especially the giant glass boot 'o beer... Luftwaffe.

T-XIII: I can’t think of any place better for a farewell party, and she says she’s never had Deutsche food!

Umlaut: You know she's vegetarian, right?

T-XIII: They have options! Kartoffelsuppe, salat und apfeltorten. Also, blutwurst!

Umlaut: They all sound like German anti-tank weapons circa 1944-45..

T-XIII: German has that tendency. Spätzle!

Umlaut: Vergeltungswaffe!

T-XIII: All I really know is Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht and Schutzstaffel. Oh, and Totenkopf. And putsch!

Umlaut: Everything I know I learned from ZEE SCORPIONS!