Friday, May 02, 2008

Random Rock Star Moment: Jim Marshall

While not technically a "Rock Star", legendary photographer Jim Marshall at least qualifies as an honorary one. Every Music Geek knows his photos: Johnny Cash flipping the camera off at San Quentin.. Zeppelin staring blank faced as they ride in their limo.. The cover of the Allman Bros. album At Fillmore East etc. etc. etc. etc. He also lived like a Rock Star back in The Day before Rock 'N Roll became an Industry of Cool.

Umlaut and Umlaut Nation members Skychick, Cindy, Teri, and Ray attended the opening of Marshall's latest exhibition Marshall in Platinum at Gallery 291 in San Francisco... and Umlaut can check off another "To-Do" from his Music Geek list:

Marshall signing my copy of his book Proof

The gallery was packed but it was still a cool event. Wavy Gravy was there (cue all the Hippies clapping in excitement) as well as alot of people who looked like they were somebody from back in The Day.. Band members, roadies, former groupies, etc. etc.. or maybe most of them were there for the free wine and cheese. Lock 'N Loll.

As we were leaving, Marshall was walking in front of us towards the restroom and a Japanese guy asked me "Is the artist here??" and I pointed at Marshall and said "He's right there.." and the Japanese guy said "HIM??" and I said "YES..." and the Japanese guy asked Marshall if he could sign something and Marshall said "Of course.." Fucking poser Japanese guy.

THANKS to Umlaut friend Mark D. for giving me the heads up about the event!