Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tour Manager Doug: The Podcast

It had to happen eventually!

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SLAYER! The Early Years: On this second episode of the Shockwaves Skull Sessions, host Bob Nalbandian is joined by author/journalist Joel McIver and Doug Goodman. Joel is the author of the brand new book The Bloody Reign Of Slayer (Omnibus Press 2008) and Doug Goodman was Slayer's original tour manager from Show No Mercy / Hell Awaits era. Doug and Nalbandian share some classic stories about SLAYER from their very early years that are revealed for the first time in Joel's new book including the band's first club shows in Orange County as well as some great road stories told by Doug! This is a must listen for any fan of SLAYYERRR!!!

JOEL MCIVER: Joel McIver is an author, journalist, book and magazine editor and album compiler. He's written 11 books and lives for Bay Area thrash, Swedish death metal and British grindcore but isn't just a drooling headbanger, taking in hip-hop, jazz, downtempo, classical and funk along the way. He writes or has written for music mags such as Record Collector, Metal Hammer, Total Guitar, Kerrang!, Classic Rock, Bass Guitar and Future Music. He writes about films for DVD Review magazine and is an occasional talking head on music TV, as well as appearing on radio from time to time.

Books By Joel McIver:
  • The Bloody Reign Of Slayer (Omnibus, 2008)
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Omnibus, 2006)
  • Sex Pistols: The Making OF The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle (MQ Publications, 2006)
  • The Making Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers's Blood Sugar Sex Magic (MQ Publications, 2005)
  • No One Knows: The Queens Of The Stone Age Story (Omnibus, 2005)
  • Extreme Metal II (Omnibus, 2005)
  • Justice For All: The Truth About Metallica (Omnibus, 2004)
  • Nu-Metal: The Next Generation Of Rock And Punk (Omnibus, 2002)
  • Slipknot: Unmasked (Omnibus, 2001)
  • Extreme Metal (Omnibus, 2000)
DOUG GOODMAN: Doug Goodman tours the world with whoever will pay him as a tour manager and a tour accountant. His first tour was in 1984 in Tom Araya's Camaro, and 3000 shows later, it's still among his favorites. Doug has toured with bands as diverse as Ben Folds Five, Cannibal Corpse, Jewel, Steve Earle, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day; but none were, or are, as heavy as Slayer. When he's not on the road he and his wife, Michele, can be found watching a baseball game at Dodger Stadium.