Saturday, November 01, 2008

No Sleep 'Til Minehead

Hell has frozen over: SLEEP are reuniting next year!! Wow.... Holy shite... but it's only for 2 shows in England at one of next year's All Tomorrow's Parties Festivals.

As the ATP site states: "Legendary stoner rock band Sleep split in 1998 after two hugely influential albums and members went on to form underground heroes High On Fire and Om. They reform for two performances at ATP as a world exclusive that will never be repeated. They will perform the album Holy Mountain as well as selections from Dopesmoker and more."

Now Umlaut has to decide whether he "needs" to go all the way to an isolated location in Western England to see Al, Matt, and Chris again.. As I said in this space a couple of years ago:


It's hard for me to appreciate how legendary Sleep are because I've know Al for so long. I met Al in the late-80's when he worked at Tower Records in Mt. View, CA and before Sleep was born. Big Wayne and I would hang out in the stock room with our friend John, who worked at that Tower too. Al was "the kid" who always wanted to talk about Black Sabbath and who was gonna start a band. And fuck if Al didn't do just that in a massive way.

Are Sleep the best band to ever come outta San Jose? Uh, YEAH..

I have no idea how many times I saw them, but it was definitely well into double digits. Their best shows were when they projected NASA archival video of astronauts in space on a screen behind them as they played. Stoner A/V Rules!

Sleep's Holy Mountain
is still one of my favorite albums... "I believe the signs of the reptile master..."

I won't go into the story of Sleep's demise, but the guys did go on to form a pair of great bands: Om and High On Fire. I still have my glow in the dark Sleep 'Stoner Astronaut' shirt. (Photo: Al onstage circa 1992 - From Thora-Zine #5)

Grotus / Neurosis / Sleep - Kennel Club, S.F. - 5/27/92
(According to the review in Umlaut #5, I wore a new pair of glasses to this show...)

Sleep -'Dragonaut'