Sunday, January 25, 2009

Search And Destroy

THANKS to Umlaut friend Loren for sharing this trivia with Umlaut:

For the newbies: James Williamson joined The Stooges on guitar in 1973 (when Ron Asheton moved to bass) and it was Williamson who played all of the guitar parts on the Raw Power album, which just might be the greatest album ever recorded IMO.. depending on which day you ask me.

Iggy and Williamson - 1973

After the demise of the Stooges, Williamson also worked with Iggy on several other projects... including the classic Kill City album.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and Mr. Williamson is now a highly respected Silicon Valley executive! The man behind the epic and slutty guitar riffs of songs like 'Search And Destroy', 'Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell', and 'Raw Power' is now a Captain of Industry... Umlaut LOVES that!! Mr. Williamson is proof that you can lead a prosperous and fulfilling life after Rock 'N Roll debauchery..

Click HERE for Mr. Williamson's professional bio. Yes, this post is 100% true.

"Look out honey 'cause we're using technology.. Ain't got time to make no apologies!"