Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Celluloid Hero

Umlaut and his friend Micki are like twin geek sons of different mothers. Our parallel geek paths early in life despite having grown up on the other side of the globe from each other is eerie. Long story short, click HERE for the tale of how we met. Star Wars and Metal, man... Star Wars and Metal.

Fast forward a good number of years and my buddy Micki is now a filmmaker.. and his debut short film was selected to be screened at the upcoming San Francisco Independent Film Festival!

A Killer takes us deep into the dark business of contract killing, puts us into - and then takes us from - the creepy clutches of the mob, lets us into his twisted mind and even more twisted world.

Mobsters, killers, femmes fatales... Here, there are no good guys, only the least bad. There is no redemption, only the shallowest into darkness. There is no emotion, just psychological commotion. Or is there? How far down would you go towards hell in order to achieve the ultimate promotion?

But that's nothing. The scary part is that the Killer shows he's not that different from us.

Writer-director Micki Mihich pays homage to movies and movie fans in a noir tale of murder, deception and fall from grace. But even more than a plunge into darkness, 'The 100th Job' is a plunge into coolness.

Screenings of The 100th Job are scheduled at the Roxie Theater for:
  • February 14th at 12:30pm
  • February 19th at 7:15pm
Hope to see y'all there! While Umlaut is happy and proud for his Metal Geek brother, he's just as jazzed to be able to hang with Micki and his partner in crime Simone again!


The 100th Job Trailer