Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here comes the rain...

With Skychick in The Land Of Arthur, Umlaut heeded the weather reports and planned to spend the entire day inside Casa de Umlaut. I planned ahead, stocked the pantry with provisions, and psychologically prepared to hunker down as God shed his tears upon The Bay Area.

It was grey, gloomy, cold, and wet outside from the moment Umlaut woke up this morning.. and as today progressed I had to entertain myself as well as try to entertain the bored children of Casa de Umlaut by throwing their bones down the hallway and opening cabinets so they could explore inside them. In particular, Fredo was driving me fucking crazy; when is that dog going to get a job?

Buggers... Bored.

As I tend to do on such solitary days, I loaded the CD player (NOT iTunes) with discs and let it roll. So, this is what February 15, 2009 sounded like inside Casa de Umlaut (in running order):
Yeah, nothing mindblowing, but it was that comfort food kind of day. I didn't want to expand my head, I simply wanted to appease it. Which reminds me: I forgot to get some fucking potatoes to mash for dinner.. Goddammit. Maybe I'll send Fredo out to the store. To quote The Brian Jonestown Massacre: "Let's pretend that it's Summer, and a bright sunny day..."

On another note, the big secret that Umlaut was sworn to secrecy about is now public: Click HERE for the announcement.