Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Devil You Know Rehearsal

The Metal Masters Tour headlined by Heaven And Hell was one of Umlaut's favorite concerts last year. Fast forward to now and the new Heaven And Hell album The Devil You Know is released today. As fate would have it, Umlaut friend South Bay Bret was one of the lucky 100 or so attendees to Heaven And Hell's dress rehearsal down in Southern California this past weekend.

The Mighty Sabbath Takes Over Van Nuys - April 26, 2009
Submitted by South Bay Bret

Black Sabbath, or Black Sabbath presents Heaven And Hell - whichever you prefer - took over a rehearsal studio in Van Nuys, CA on 4-26-09 - giving some local rabid fans a taste of the new material live.

I flew from Oakland to Burbank - and keeping in tradition of Oakland airport spottings (my last flights have been shared with Eric Kretz, Billie Joe Armstrong, and a James Hetfield cameo thrown in) - this time Nick 13 of Tiger Army - but I digress....

A crazy taxi cab ride at Mach 4 led me to the Van Nuys studios, where I found So. Cal Sabbath fanatic Black Sabbath Mark scoping out the scene. Then we were ushered into the smoky warehouse-like studio - and the show began!

(All pics by South Bay Bret)


The mighty Sabs plowed through a 4 song set - 3 off the new LP: 'Bible Black', 'Fear', and 'Follow The Tears' - all which had coordinated visual displays - and 'Time Machine' from Dehumanizer thrown in as the 4th song. The 'Time Machine' visuals:

The band set up at a stack of amps after their set and signed for the masses:

These posters were passed out:

It was a killer show in a terrific setting- from legendary metal masters Black Sabbath!! Hope the band was able to find parking o.k.

THANKS South Bay Bret! I still can't get my head around the fact that you watched Iommi at eye level, man... The Dio version of Black Sabbath has always been Umlaut's favorite incarnation of the band. Click HERE to find out just how Music Geek I am about them.