Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Week In Music Geek

Gallows are one of Umlaut's favorite bands, not only because they are "The Real Deal" onstage, but because they *get* what being a Music Geek is all about. During their debut album cycle the band released some of the most beautiful 7" singles in recent memory (full color gatefold cardboard sleeves, laser etched vinyl, etc). I also love the band because they're English and they are not afraid to wear that on their sleeves and fly the Union Jack.

In advance of their next album, Grey Britain, the band are ratcheting things up for their Music Geek fans:

The ultimate 'Grey Britain' special edition – pre-order now!

Only 500 will ever be made and each set comes wrapped in a 20" by 30" Grey Britain poster flag and includes:
  • CD (13 tracks) / DVD (with full length Grey Britain film)
  • Pull-out Frank Carter designed poster
  • Exclusive "5 Crowns" T-shirt design
  • A set of stills and production shots from the Grey Britain film (x5 - shots vary in each pack)
For info on more Gallows music and merch go to

Also, the band has created a cool online EPK / Ebook to support the new album:

Click HERE for Umlaut's past rant about the band's records. Click HERE and HERE for Umlaut's past rants about the band's live show.

The lads are on tour in the U.S. this Summer as part of Warped Tour 2009, so be there or be square.. Gallows are one of those rare bands who really do lay it all out there and leave some blood on the stage, either literally or figuratively, at every show. They're one of the truly great live bands going right now, man.

'The Vulture (Act II)'