Monday, May 25, 2009

San Francisco

I was bored and this post is the result... I'm sure there are other videos featuring *my* city, but these are the ones that popped into my head. Of course, the Krokus video technically wasn't filmed *in* S.F., but the location is just on the other side of The Golden Gate Bridge... AND I know there are at least a couple of people reading this space who cut school to be extras in the video (wink wink).

Note: I couldn't embed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs video, so click on the link below the screencap... Also, I only "discovered" The Hooters video a couple of weeks ago when I channel surfed onto VH1 Classic while it was on. There was a time when The Hooters could pack The Warfield? Who knew!?

Who: Scorpions - No One Like You (1982)
Where: Alcatraz

Who: The Hooters - Day By Day (1986)
Where: Fort Point, Land's End, The Warfield

Who: Frehley's Comet - Into The Night (1987)
Where: North Beach

Who: Exodus - The Toxic Waltz (1989)
Where: The Fillmore

Who: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (2009)
Where: Chinatown, North Beach, The Warfield

Who: Krokus - Screaming In The Night (1983)
Where: The Marin Headlands