Saturday, September 26, 2009

It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud just might be the greatest Music Geek film ever made...

The screening that Umlaut saw finished 3 hours ago and my mind is still freaking and geeking out over this film. Long story short: Director Davis Guggenheim put Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Fucking Page in the same room and they discussed their thoughts on not only their weapon of choice (the guitar) but also their struggles with creativity and their paths to becoming the Guitar Heroes of their respective generations. From this Music Geek's perspective, it's an unbelievably riveting and fascinating viewing experience. I don't want to spoil it too much for anybody who hasn't seen it yet, but the film portrays these iconic musicians, not only as gifted musicians, but also as Music Geeks just like you and me.

It's interesting hearing each guitarist discuss his approach to the instrument and to how they create music: The Edge is all about using modern technology and effects to push his musical envelope. Jack White only seems concerned with sinking his head into the long ago past to inspire his musical journey. Jimmy Fucking Page is simply the benevolent Guitar God who started playing before there was such a thing as Rock & Roll and whose musical journey is the most fascinating of them all because he didn't have a road map to follow.

Over my Music Geek career I've been a fan of both The Edge and Jack White at various times and I found their stories interesting... However, in the film both always pale in comparison to Jimmy Fucking Page. My favorite moments:
  • The camera panning around and an electric guitar is heard being strummed... and then the camera focuses and it's Jimmy Fucking Page in his basement amidst his guitar collection playing 'Ramble On'... Chills, dude. Chills.
  • Jimmy Fucking Page going through his RECORD COLLECTION, pulling out a Link Wray 45... putting it on his turntable... and then AIR GUITARING to 'Rumble'... Jimmy Fucking Page... air guitaring. Chills, dude. Chills.
  • Jimmy Fucking Page returning to Headley Grange where they wrote and recorded the Zeppelin IV album and saying how the music seemed to come out of the air magically... songs like 'Stairway To Heaven'. Chills, dude.. Chills.
The unabashed joy in Jimmy Fucking Page's eyes as he talks about music and the guitar is awe inspiring.... and the look in the eyes of The Edge and Jack White as they watch Jimmy Fucking Page play is awe inspiring as well. You can see that, despite their own fame and success, they understand they are in the presence of THE Guitar God. In fact, every time a Zeppelin riff started playing in the film I got chills down my spine. However, the film also links these 3 guitarists as kindred spirits with various segments, such as when they each recount how they got their first guitar. Magical shit, man.

After the screening we found ourselves driving down Page Street in S.F.. Of course we did... The Rock Godz send their messages in obvious ways sometimes. This is one film that I will buy on DVD and watch again and again over the coming years to remind me what it is to be a Music Geek.

Jimmy Fucking Page.