Monday, November 16, 2009

Old School

Next year is starting off Old School with The American Carnage Tour!!

Awesome, right?! Megadeth / Slayer / Testament.... Dude, the San Francisco show is at the fucking COW PALACE!! The site of so many Hard Rock and Metal shows in the 70's and early 90's (including the original Clash Of The Titans Tour with Slayer and Megadeth)! I can guarantee you that many Old Metalheads are squealing like little school girls about this show being at that venue. It doesn't get more Old School than the Cow Palace!

Instead of a merch audit Umlaut will be counting the number of drunken brawls on the floor that night. A note for the newbies: The crowd action on the GA Floor will be medieval, epic, and Old School. Umlaut is expecting the night to be reminiscent of the Glory Days of Metal shows when posers paid the price... and, assuming the Cow Palace hasn't upgraded their facilities, visit the bathrooms at your own risk.

"Blasting our way through the boundaries of Hell.. no one can stop us tonight.."