Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Before E-Mail: Mercyful Fate Part 2

Another exciting installment of Before E-Mail!

Umlaut's old friend Konaquon found this letter that was sent to him a long, long time ago in a galaxy that was WAY more Metal than you will ever be. It was written by Mercyful Fate's manager John Kibble and included with the band's shirt that Konaquon ordered via mail order:


Dear David

Thanks for taking the trouble to write to me regarding MERCYFUL FATE. I've sent along an MF biog & merchandising sheet which I hope you will find informative. If there's anything you would like please let me know. You can pay by sending US $ bills or an International Money Order in US $ payable to JOHN KIBBLE. Thanks.

OK, we look forward to hearing from you again soon, and please, spread the word on M.F.

All the best
John Kibble + M.F.

Hope you enjoy the shirt.

Konaquon also sent a scan of the insert card from his Fate bootleg cassette (Sacramento 10/21/84!). It was autographed by King Diamond and Timi Grabber when he gave them a ride to their 1984 San Francisco in-store appearance at The Record Vault in his legendary orange Capri:

"King Diamond Satanic Regards... All the best Timi Grabber... Thanks for the ride."

Konquon says about his old car:

It's funny, but that little orange Capri drove around members of Mercyful Fate, Anthrax, Armored Saint, Slayer, and Cliff Burton!!! In fact the passenger seat was autographed by King Diamond!!! I wonder where that seat is now?!!!

Here's a pic of Dave in the old Capri.. Who's that cute girl in the passenger seat!? Oh wait.. that's Old Metal Erik.. Sorry, dude.

Circa 1984-85 (Pic by Corbie)

Old Metal Erik chimed in with his memories of that FATEful ride:

Fact check... If I'm not mistaken, Quon drove them from The Record Vault to The Kabuki - or to be more precise, to the Kyoto Inn, across from the Miyako Hotel, after the in-store and prior to soundcheck. I remember this because I drove Kim Ruzz in my piece-of-shit, hand-me-down Volvo sedan. In total fanboy mode, I embarrassed him by telling him that he was an influence on my drum playing. Hilarious!! We stopped to get him smokes, and he asked what the strongest non-filter cigs were. We were all Marlboro kids, but suggested Camel "straights". He smirked and told us that those tasted like air.

Yeah, I was pretty cute in those days, huh?


In the future will people get as much nostalgia from finding old e-mails and attachments?? I'm happy I grew up when I did...

"Nuns have no fun... They only have their fathers and sons."