Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Before E-Mail...

For the newbies: In ancient times (BEFORE e-mail... shocking!) people communicated by things called "letters" or "postcards" that they sent via something called a "post office". Back in 1992 Umlaut was a xeroxed 'zine and MTV licensed the use of some of my old photos in a Metallica "Rockumentary" (an early version of VH1's Behind The Music). In order to get the word out about this exciting event in Umlaut history I utilized the ancient art of "postcard writing":

To be honest I have absolutely NO MEMORY of sending this announcement out!! Wow... was I really that fucked up back then?? THANKS to Umlaut Nation brother DeVito for sharing this artifact. Trivia: Many of the same photos were later used in both the Metallica AND Megadeth episodes of Behind The Music.

Metallica: Behind The Music (1998)

Exit light, enter night..